Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Manual Body Zapper


A manual body zapper is an instrument that was designed well over a decade ago but has recently become more popular as a health benefit. The body zapper will kill harmful bacteria and viruses that occur in the body for a variety of reasons. Poor health, exposure to pets, foreign travel, alcohol consumption, use of prescription medication and an unhealthy diet can contribute to the presence of parasites including viruses and bacteria. The manual zapper will reduce or eliminate such parasites so you can maintain a healthier body.

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What does a Manual Body Zapper do?

In the most basic sense a body zapper kills parasites in the body. You may think that if you do not live in a third world country or live a relatively clean life that there is no need for such a device. But do not think of parasites as worms or bugs. They can be that but they can also include fungus, bacteria and viruses, something everybody is exposed to throughout their life.

The manual body zapper emits a low dose of electricity that eliminates these from the body. There are other treatments available for this but they involve the use of harmful chemicals or medications that can have adverse side effects. Conversely, the body zapper kills parasites safely without negative side effects.

How Does a Body Zapper Work?

There are various products available on the market with a wide range of costs associated with them. However, a manual body zapper does not have to be expensive to be effective. A typical product is battery powered and emits a low current into the body. There are generally three recommended doses to be applied daily for a period of time. The first one is applied for approximately six minutes. Then you let your body rest for thirty and repeat the process. You again let the body rest for thirty minutes and repeat a final time.

The low current kills parasites in the body after regular use. Not only are the parasites killed but any damaged tissue heals faster with this process. You should remain hydrated throughout the day after treatment and you may feel a bit sluggish afterward but this will decrease in time.

How Often Should Treatment Occur?

Initially, you should start off with one treatment per day. This should continue for the first three days. The following six weeks, though, you should increase the sessions to two to three. After the first few weeks you will feel energized and your immune system will be stronger. After the six weeks, your body will have eliminated the parasites found in the body and regular maintenance can commence. After six weeks, it is only necessary to have a treatment one to two times per week.

A body zapper can assist with a wide variety of physical afflictions including headaches, premenstrual syndrome, body pain, toothaches, immune deficiencies, cold and flu and skin conditions. Serious illnesses such as cancer and fibromyalgia are also known to show improvement with the use of a body zapper. With regular use, you too can see improvement in overall health.

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