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Massage Therapy Training


With busy schedules and such, we are always interested in the ability to take care of many things in an online environment, including our educations. However, when it comes to massage therapy training, should you depend on courses offered online, or go with a traditional classroom setting?

First, you always need to find out what your state’s licensing and testing requirements are, before you even start looking for massage therapy training. This is essential because some states have certain rules, regulations, and requirements concerning the training that you receive, and if you do not meet their criteria in your massage therapy training, you may not be allowed to sit for the test.

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If an online massage therapy training program does meet your state’s requirements, the next thing you must consider is the quality of the training that you will receive. Massage therapy is a hands-on profession, and typically, you will get the best training in a hands-on learning environment. However, if the massage therapy training course is of high quality, with high quality training materials, such as detailed guides and video instruction, you can benefit from such training.

Finally, you need to determine how you learn best, and what works best for your life and your schedule. If you are not self disciplined, you should definitely take a massage therapy training program that requires you to attend class, instead of an online course that allows you the freedom to choose when you study. If you have scheduling or time issues, you might fare better with an online course.

Many people do not learn well on their own, in terms of digesting and retaining the information as they should. In this instance, a traditional classroom or lab setting will be preferred for your massage therapy training. However, if you do learn well through independent study, you can and should consider online training, simply because it is usually faster and less expensive than traditional training.

Massage Therapy Training  Resources

Course Title: Intensive Massage Therapy Program
Name of Company: Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage
Location: 200 Little Falls St, Ste 303, Arlington Area, Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Description: This 525 clock hour program can be completed within 6 months if you take all day classes or all night classes. You can also opt to take weekend classes, which are held every Sunday and every other Saturday. The all weekend option takes twelve months to complete. Financial Aid is available.

Course Title: Massage Therapy Program
Name of Company: National Massage Therapy Institute – Wilmington
Location: 1601 Concord Pike, Suites 82-84, Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Description: The National Massage Therapy Institute offers students complete instruction in Swedish massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Chair Massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The program takes eight months to complete.

Course Title: Various Massage Therapy Courses
Name of Company: Mountain Heart School of Bodywork
Location: 719 Fifth Street, #1 Upstairs, Crested Butte, Colorado, United States
Description: The Mountain Heart School of Bodywork is located in the Rocky Mountains, and several different programs are offered. There is the Certified Massage Therapy Program – 850 Hours, the 1000 Hour Certified Massage Therapy Program, the Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy Program, and the Somatic Mind Body Therapy Program. Housing and financial aid are available.

Course Title: Various Massage Therapy Related Programs
Name of Company: World School of Massage & Holistic Healing Arts
Location: 699 Peters Ave, Amador Valley – Pleasanton, California, United States
Description: The massage therapy programs offered by the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts include Master Bodyworker, Energy & Somatic Medicine, Professional Massage Therapy, and Personal Healing Massage. There is also a Teaching, Training, and Coaching Program available as well.

Course Title: Total Immersion Massage Therapy Program
Name of Company: Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy
Location: GTE Nicoya Samara, Costado Norte De La Plaza, De Deportes, Samara, Nicoya, CRI 52350, Costa Rica
Description: Studying abroad for a career in Massage Therapy can be a very special experience. Through this program, students are able to successfully pass the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the school is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Only 20 students are accepted each term, and financial aid is not available.


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