Saturday, December 5, 2020

Can you Eat Meat and Detox?


A lot of people ask me, “Should I eat meat while of detox?” Or “Should I give up eating meat altogether?”

And I think it’s worth publishing my opinion on this eat meat or don’t eat meat issue.

First I would like to say that many of the findings about how meat is so bad for you, are actually the result of studying both processed meats together with lean meats. And not making any kind of distinction.

Well a distinction between quality, butcher meat and the kind of meat you find in hotdogs or a McDonald’s meal should be made.

If you are eating healthy meats like free-range chicken and wild salmon, believe me, these are healthy foods.

If you are gorging on hotdogs and proceeded meats then yes these certainly are not healthy. But it’s far more about the processing than anything else.

This is what I tell my clients all the time.

Meat can be part of a Detox Diet

I know that may sound crazy because generally detox retreat leaders and people in my industry are strictly vegan, and more power to them!

Yet I don’t believe that being vegan or vegetarian is the only way.

In fact I am not sure about the Vegan Diet and whether it is a good choice long term for many, or even any one.

The Vegetarian Diet includes animal products like eggs which give it a massive distinction from the Vegan Diet allowing your body to get more whole protein and calories.

Yet I think that the healthiest diet for most people also includes meats like fish and chicken. And even beef if from the right sources and lamb can likewise have many health benefits for the body.

Do you eat Meat on your Detox Plan?

Personally I cut out meat when I am in full cleansing and detox mode. Depending on what specific cleanse plan I am using it will differ somewhat as to what I eat, or don’t eat.

Yet meat is usually one of the first foods I cut out of my diet when entering my cleansing mode. If I were to detox and eat a little meat with my normal raw food and broth, would it be bad for me?

I don’t think that eating meat while detoxing is bad for you. Yet I do think it is worth while allowing your body to fully heal and and have time to process fully.

And I think that by cutting out these heavy protein animal products allows the body to better digest and clear out the digestive tract.

What’s more I often go on a fully liquid juice cleanse for up to 10 days at a time and so that cuts out meat by itself in any case.

So when do you eat Meat with Detox?

I like to add meat back into my diet after breaking the fast. So usually at the end of my detox program, perhaps it’s just been a 10 day juice cleanse, or maybe it’s been a long 21 day or even 28 day raw food detox.

Whatever it is it comes to an end at some point and this is when you break your fast.

I break my fast by getting onto whole foods again as soon as possible. I of course consume psyllium husk along with seeds and high fiber foods when I am breaking fast.

Yet as soon as I can start eating a nice chicken salad or something like that, I know my body is ready for a workout.

That’s when I start working our again and my detox is complete at that point.

In my everyday detox plan I include healthy meats like salmon, chicken and lean beef as well. This gives me the energy I need to be able to exercise and workout which has provided as much benefit for my body as detoxing has.

So I hope this helps you when considering meat and whether you should cut meat out completely. Or similar to how I approach it, and just cut meat out while on your detox program, adding it in again when you complete.


  1. Mcdaniel

    @Dianna Only if they are used to frequently in replacing actual meals. Once in a while? Meh. All the time, like 2 meals per day? Not good. They are ok for a boost or a quick, easy meal, but substituting shakes for the actual food that has the nutrients in it will not do you any good in the long run. These shakes are often loaded with hidden sugars and chemicals.

  2. Erin

    @Dianna There is no specific reason for them to be “bad for your health”, no.
    But you just have to remember that they contain no micronutrients, and that you still have to eat actual food to get those.
    So protein powders are mostly useful when you struggle to eat sufficiently, when you should have a meal with proteins but for practical reasons you can’t. You should usually not try to voluntarily use them to replace a meal.

  3. jema

    @Dianna Only if you overdo it or you drink it and you aren’t even trying to build muscle. But if you’re trying to get muscle and you don’t have enough protein through your diet alone then protein powder will help with that and you would have to drink it once a day everyday including on rest days so your muscles can have what they need to repair themselves.

  4. Dianna

    What about protein drinks instead of eating meat while detoxing? Are protein drinks bad for you?
    I have recently been drinking protein drinks, but I was wondering if they are bad for your health? That’s all I want to know thanks for taking the time to answer my question 🙂

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