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Medical Billing and Coding Schools Online


A career in the medical industry is a good choice because it is a very fast growing industry.  By getting a degree or certification in medical coding and billing you stand out among other applicants for open positions.  Upon graduation from a medical and coding program you should have the skills and the knowledge necessary to work in private or public healthcare organizations.


While you can take separate courses in either medical billing or medical coding and receive certification in either, it may be best to participate in a program that combines both in one training program.  Medical coding is the first part of medical billing and many companies prefer to hire employees who can do both jobs which furthers your opportunities.

Medical coding is maintaining the patient’s medical records using the universally recognized ICD-9 coding index.  The use of this system ensures compliance with federal regulations and insurance requirements. Medical billing is the subspecialty of medical coding.

Upon graduation you can work in positions in doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hospitals, long term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies and even legal firms, accounting firms and consulting firms.  There are vast opportunities for those who are educated in the field of medical billing and coding.

Potential for employment in this fast growing field of the medical industry is expected to grow by 18 percent by the year 2016 according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.  A degree or certification in Medical Billing and Coding Specialist can help you better pursue a career in this vast and growing industry.

Medical coders and billers need to be detail oriented and organized.  This is one of the few opportunities in the medical industry that does not require you to work weekends, except for some large practice settings such as in a hospital. This career is also one in which you have little or no direct patient contact.

Online Resources

Site Resource: Medical Billing and Coding Certification
Contact:questions [ at ]
Description: A tonne of useful resources and information on medical billing and coding schools
Resource:  medical billing

Course Title: Medical Billing and Coding

Name of Company:  Gatlin Education
Location:  109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA
Description:  Provides you with the skills needed to work as a medical billing specialists, coder or office manager.  Certificate of Completion is given and you are eligible to take the NHA’s Certified Medical Biller and Coder certification examination.

Course Title: Medical Billing and Coding – Associates (Online)
Name of Company: Fortis College
Location:  555 East Alex Bell Road, Centerville, OH 45459, United States
Description:  General, coding and billing courses are taken which allow the graduate to apply advanced decision making skills, management skills and communications as a Medical Billing and Coding specialist.

Course Title: Medical Insurance Billing/Coding – Associate of Science
Name of Company:  Everest University Online
Location:  10117 Princess Palm Ave, #400, Tampa, FL 33610
Description:  You will learn the concepts and procedures to perform the tasks involved in health insurance and the related forms.  You will learn basic coding definitions and the manner in which the codes are applied to medical documentation.

Course Title: Associate of Arts in Business Administration in Medical Coding and Billing
Name of Company: AIU Online
Location:  5550 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 400, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 US
Description:  Courses in medical boding and billing combined with a broad spectrum of fundamental business courses with career relevant coursework that relates to the modern health care industry.

Course Title: Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding
Name of Company:  Colorado Technical University Online
Location:  4435 North Chestnut Street, Suite E, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, US
Description:  Offers a solid foundation in medical billing and coding; designed to help you learn classifying, coding of diagnosis, procedures used in coding systems for medical records and insurance claims and billing.

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