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Medicinal Herbs Course


If you have a green thumb and a belief in natural healing, you may want to consider a medicinal herbs course. You can take such a course for your own personal knowledge, to treat family members, or to build a career in natural healing methods that center on herbal remedies. There are numerous options in this field.

People have used plants, which we now call herbs, since the beginning of time to prevent and treat every illness and condition that we have identified, and many illnesses and conditions that we have yet to identify. Even conventional medicines that are prescribed today are derived from herbal plants.

Herbal therapy is a real profession – not just something someone made up. In the United States, these professionals are known as herbalists. Because there are no licensing organizations for herbalism, however, many people are either afraid of it, or do not see it as real medicine.

If you want to enter the herbalist’s profession, you can take a medicinal herbs course or that focuses on growing and identifying herbs, drying and preserving herbs, creating and marketing herbal products, or teaching others how to use herbs and herb based products for the physical and mental health issues that they face.

What you cannot do, as an herbalist, is practice medicine – unless of course you are already licensed to do so. You can make suggestions. You can mix herbs properly for others. You cannot diagnose health issues, and you cannot pass yourself off as a doctor or medical practitioner. Instead, you must refer to yourself as a teacher or a healer. You can, however, train in certain medical professions and include herbalism. A couple of options include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Because herbalism is not regulated or licensed, you may not make much money in this field. However, in areas where natural health is becoming more popular, and there is little competition in the field of herbalism, you can expect to make at least $30,000 per year.

Medicinal Herbs Course Resources

Course Title: Herbalist Certificate
Name of Company: Clayton College of Natural Health
Location: 2140 11th Avenue South, Suite 305, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Description: The Clayton College of Natural Health offers three different types of certificates for herbalists. These include the Family Herbalist Certificate, the Consulting Herbalist Certificate, and the Master Herbalist Certificate.

Course Title: Various Herb Courses
Name of Company: Cedar Creek Nature Studies
Location: 1790 Cedar Creek Road, Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Description: A variety of herb classes are offered through Cedar Creek, including Wild Edible Plants and Medicinal Herbs. You can also visit in person for the Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk course, where you will gain hands on experience.

Course Title: A Variety of Herb Courses
strong>Name of Company: The California School of Herbal Studies
Location: PO Box 39, Forestville, California, United States
Description: Through this school, you can take a wide range of herb courses. Some courses are short term, and some take quite a while to complete, as they are quite intensive.

Course Title: Basics of Herbalism
Name of Company: Prairie Wise Herbal School
Location: 28013 167th Street, Leavenworth, Kansas, United States
Description: There are two levels for Basics of Herbalism. You can take level one or level two. A basic nutrition class is also offered.

Course Title: Herbal Medicines
Name of Company: Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Location: 257 Chapman Ridge Road, Athens, Maine, United States
Description: This course will be instructive and informative for those who are just beginning to learn about the use of herbs, as well as those who already have some herbal knowledge.

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