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Mental Health Schools


If you have a desire to help others through their mental issues, you would do well to check out schools that teach courses on mental health, for the purpose of entering a career as some type of counselor. Counselors in all specialties are in high demand, and the growth in this industry is expected to grow tremendously. In fact, the outlook for mental health professionals is that the industry will grow by 18% over the next ten years, which is higher than the average for all other occupations that exist.

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It is important to note that while psychology starts with obtaining an associate’s degree, you must hold a master’s degree in psychology in order to become licensed to practice psychology, or to provide counseling services, in all states in the United States. Licensing is required in all states to practice the profession.

As our world grows more complex, the need for counselors will grow. Counseling has numerous specialties, such as addiction counseling, youth counseling, Christian or spiritual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and more. Counseling is also available for those in specific situations, such as those who have been abused, those who have been victims of crimes, and those who have been involved in some type of tragedy.

Mental health professionals are needed in a variety of settings. This includes hospitals, mental health institutions, schools, colleges, and even in the corporate world. Many counselors will open their own private practice as well. The duties of the mental health profession usually are indicated by the specialty that they choose.

Being a counselor or mental health professional does take a certain personality. You must be a good listener, have a true desire to help others, and the ability to hold confidences well. Of course, there are other personality traits that make some people more suitable for this profession than others. If you think you have what it takes to be a mental health professional, make sure that you start learning as much as possible about mental health schools.

Mental Health Schools Online Resources

Course Title: Associate of Arts in Psychology
Name of Company: Liberty University Online
Location: 1971 University Boulevard, Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
Description: The associate’s program for psychology available through Liberty University is available online. It is intended for those who plan to pursue a higher degree, starting with a bachelor’s degree, and advancing to a master’s degree.

Course Title: Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling
Name of Company: Walden University
Location: Mills District, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Description: Walden University is one of the few schools that offer a master’s degree program for mental health online. While the majority of the program is available online, the student will be required to conduct real world practice, and will have the opportunity for face-to-face residencies as well.

Course Title: Master of Science in Addiction Counseling
Name of Company: Capella University
Location: Capella Tower, 225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Description: While this program is available online, it does require two six day residency attendances. The course is considered a specialization of psychology, and requires the course work, as well as clinical experience and a 600 hour internship.

Course Title: Master of Science in Clinical Counseling
Name of Company: Bellevue University
Location: 1000 Galvin Road South, Bellevue, Nebraska, United States
Description: Those who enter this program are required to have a bachelor’s degree, and already have had six credit hours in behavioral science and three credit hours in statistics.

Course Title: Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Name of Company: Northcentral University
Location: 10000 E. University Drive, Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States
Description: Along with this program, four other master’s programs are offered through Northcentral University, all centered on behavioral sciences.

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