Friday, November 27, 2020

Miley Cyrus: Weight Loss Diet, Detox Plan & Workout Routine


How does Miley Cyrus keep her slim curves and perfect body in shape year round?

Diet Plan

For a time there Miley Cyrus was getting out of shape and she wondered what the solution could be. After experimenting with a number of different diet plans from the Keto diet, to a variety of detox diets, she found out what the problem was.

Miley Cyrus cut out gluten from her diet and went on a full gluten-free diet plan. Since making the switch away from foods like bread, pasta and flour based foods, she has got back in much better shape.

She also found that when she eliminated milk and lactose foods this really led the way to her body transformation.

Miley Cyrus’ diet plan does not allow for eating of wheat foods, rye or barley. So no more bread, beer, pies, cookies, pasta, oats, or even many salad dressings.

Yet Miley Cyrus feasts on foods like eggs, seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and does allow herself some good carbs like quinoa, flax and wild grown rice.

For Miley Cyrus and her specific food intolerances, eating a diet that consists of just these healthy foods has resulted in a slim yet still firm and toned body.

Workout Routine

Miley Cyrus finds that Pilates is the exercise plan that keeps her body in theist shape and so sticks to it as her main routine.

Pilates is a favorite among many of the top celebrities and Hollywood stars because it is a full body workout that not only burns fat, but also has a whole host of other health benefits too.

As you are probably aware, Miley Cyrus likes to have a round bum and so doesn’t want to burn off too much fat and look like a stick figure. Yet at the same time she likes to be quite light weight and slim while having the flexibility and body to match.

That’s why the other exercise routine that Miley follows, is Yoga. Yoga is another exercise that many of the stars flock to because again it is full body, and works flexibility as well as weight loss.

In addition to Yoga and Pilates, Miley Cyrus also of course has all her dancing routines for the new albums and singles she is releasing. So altogether between Pilates, Yoga and Dancing, Miley is very active and keeps in great shape because of it.

Miley Cyrus Comments

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