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Feel More Energized


Who wants to feel more energized? So that’s all of us but of course, like anything worth having, it is so much easy said than done. We can often feel tired and lethargic, even when we feel as if we are getting enough sleep, and eating the right foods. So what can we do to really revolutionize the way that we feel?

Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to feel more energized. Here are the best tips that you should follow throughout your day, and you can easily introduce into your life in order to feel more energized:

1. Sleep for at least eight hours a night.

As obvious as this may sound, it is incredible how few people actually take going to sleep seriously. They often wake up early in order to finish tasks that they panic over the night before. Forcing your body to rise too early through alarms can be incredibly detrimental to your health, and your energy levels. When we are asleep, our body goes through a natural cycle of falling asleep, deep sleep, and then rising out of that into a shallow sleep. That cycle takes around three and a half to four hours, and you should give yourself time for two cycles a night. Forcing yourself to wake up whilst in the deep sleep stage of your sleep cycle will leave you disorientated and confused the whole day.

2. Have breakfast.

Never skip breakfast! This is something that nutritionists have been trying to tell us for years, but we just don’t listen. People often complain that they simply do not have enough time for breakfast, but then spend over twenty minutes checking Facebook or the news. That time could be much better spent packing your body full of energy, and you would definitely see the benefit if you ate breakfast every morning.

3. Eat smart, not more.

Some people believe that in order to have more energy, they need to eat more but that isn’t quite true. Although it is right that we gain the majority of our energy from our food, there is a smarter way to eat than simply to eat three equally sized meals during your day. Instead, you should eat three meals that are slightly smaller than normal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then introduce two healthy snacks into your day one at elevenses, and one around 3:30pm. That will mean that you eat every three to four hours, and this regular eating pattern will mean that your body’s energy levels will not dip and rise in a random way. Instead, you’ll always feel full of energy.

4. Make socks part of your lunch.

No, we’re not going crazy. Apparently this technique works, and who are we to question something that makes us feel superb with minimal effort? At the end of your lunch break, just before you are about to go back to work, take off your socks, and change them for a completely new pair. The freshness of your socks will revitalize you, and give you the feeling of a brand new start. It may all be in the mind, but it certainly does a lot of our energy levels.

5. Always spend at least twenty minutes outside.

Vitamin D is essential for of our bodies, as it helps with our immune system and the way that we digest food. Exercise is also great for stimulating the creation of endorphins, those naturally occurring hormones that make us happy and put a smile on our face. Combining the two then seems perfect. We are meant to have at least twenty minutes of exercise a day, but if the thought of joining a gym makes you feel even more lethargic, then get off your public transport a stop early and walk the rest of the way. This walking with a purpose won’t feel like exercise, and will give you all of the benefits. Plus, just think of all that extra money you’ll save over the year!

6. Smell lavender.

For centuries, the calming and revitalizing effects of lavender have been understood and welcomed by people that are having long days. There are hundreds of products that you can easily get your hands on that have lavender in, such as perfume, hand soap, or smelling salts. If you want the calming and reenergizing scent of lavender with you all day long, why not buy a small lavender plant and keep it on your desk or in your office? That means that whenever you walk into the room, one sniff will make you feel automatically relaxed.

7. Stop watching television.

Not forever: just for an hour before you go to bed. The lights affect our brain waves, and cause us to become much more awake. When we then try to go to bed immediately afterwards, our minds find it difficult to calm down and relax. Change this by reading your favourite book just before you go to bed. You need to create a bedtime routine that you can follow each and every night. It doesn’t have to be complicated maybe reading a book, having a last drink not coffee! – and then listening to one particular calming song whilst you get into you PJs. Doing this every evening will teach your body that you are about to go to bed, and you’ll start feeling sleepy.

Rinse, and repeat.


  1. Silvia

    good one, thank you! I am beginning to do the things that will make more energy in my life, inevitable

  2. Melissa

    I’ve always heard smelling lavender is good for relaxing for bedtime, but not the other way around. I will have to try that! I agree with having breakfast and going outside for 20 minutes…I always feel better when I do both of those!

  3. Candice

    I have noticed that watching tv before bed does make it more difficult to get to sleep and I had no idea that it had to do with the lights on the screen. I can not fall asleep with the tv on unless I am totally exhausted. When I read at bedtime I read until I get sleepy and then I do easily fall asleep afterward. The part of this article that I was the most surprised about was about changing your socks at lunch time. I will have to test that idea out for myself and see how that works!

  4. Christine

    Smelling lavender and wearing new socks are some new great ideas for me . Thank you a lot for this topic .

  5. Maria

    I should really start doing more of these things. I continuously don’t eat breakfast before work even though I know I should. Thanks for the good read!

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