Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Multiple Miscarriage Prevention


While all miscarriages cannot be prevented there are steps you can take to lessen the possibility that your pregnancy could end in miscarriage. If you have previously had a miscarriage, you should speak with your doctor to determine if there was a medical cause identified.  Two consecutive miscarriages without a normal pregnancy give indication for a full workup to determine possible causes. Chromosome problems is the most identified reason for miscarriage.  This is usually the fetus’s chromosomes but if there are multiple miscarriages it can be necessary to have the parents chromosomes tested.

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Be Proactive in Miscarriage Prevention

Preconception care may be necessary if you have a history of miscarriage.  By getting yourself in the best possible health and identify any factors that could trigger miscarriage you can be proactive in giving your pregnancy the best possible chance to make it to term.

Testing may be necessary to identify any blood abnormalities, hormonal issues, maternal illness or uterine defects that could lead to miscarriage which may be corrected prior to becoming pregnant.

Correct Health

Women who have hormonal issues such as diabetes or thyroid disorders should gain optimal control of the disorders before becoming pregnant to improve the chances of success.  Potential mothers who have immune system disorders should be closely monitored for potential risk to the pregnancy.

Progesterone is necessary to support the pregnancy; some women do not produce enough progesterone increasing the risk for loss.  Supplementation of progesterone can decrease this risk.

Uterine abnormalities can be present from birth or complications of previous illness or surgery of the mother.  No matter the cause, most physical uterine abnormalities can be corrected in the non-pregnant uterus before conception.  Scarring of the uterine wall however cannot be corrected.

Other causes that have been implicated to cause multiple miscarriages are stress, infection, alcoholism or drug use, possibly even large amounts of caffeine and smoking.

Prenatal Care is Essential

Once you are pregnant you need to see your doctor at once to begin your prenatal care.  This is especially important when you have a history of miscarriage.  Prenatal vitamins will be prescribed to provide nutrients your will need to nourish yourself and your baby.

The doctor will examine you and your pregnancy and if you are at high risk for miscarriage due to medical reasons they can monitor this closely to decrease your risk.

You will want to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program during pregnancy and manage your stress levels.

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