Saturday, September 19, 2020

My Juicer Review (What I Use to Juice Veg!)


If you are starting out on juicing I would advise the following…

Invest in a Good Juicer

Don’t go cheap, go for quality! Not all juicers are created equal! Look for a reliable tried and trusted brand. Look for one that is easy to use and clean. You don’t want to be fiddling around with little bits of machinery all the time just so you can have your breakfast.

Get a Juicer that Maintains Food Value

It is also really important to get a juicer that keeps all the nutrition of the food in the juice. Juicing technology is very advanced and there are some fantastic juicers on the market that even maintain the enzymes intact so that you get pure healthy goodness when you drink the juice. Other juicers destroy the enzymes and other nutrients, so check the detail before buying.

Is the “Champion juicer” a Good one?

I started out with a Champion juicer many years ago. These are very popular and very reliable. However, it didn’t juice wheatgrass, and it didn’t extract all the juice from the pulp. It served me very well, but when I began adding grasses and sprouts to my juices, I decided to change. I gave it to a friend and I hear it’s still going strong! Green Star juicers are also popular and reliable. So are Lalanne juicers, now that the safety issues have been sorted out.

My Favourite Juicer

At the moment, I am using the Green Power Kempo Pro, which I really like, and this is the one I would personally recommend.

It does wheatgrass and herbs, as well as fruit and veg, unlike some juicers. This is an essential requirement for me, because I love throwing in some grass, sprouts, or fresh leaves when I can.

There is an adjusting knob on the juicer which can be altered according to what you are juicing. This makes it quite versatile.

I have very little tolerance for gadgets that take up space in my kitchen without earning their keep by regular use. So having a multi-function juicer, that does everything, is essential for me. This one has functions that I never even use, such as pasta and noodle making and it also works as a grinder.

Another reason I chose this juicer is I just adore the way it preserves the micro-nutrients in the juice! This juicer has a very advanced technology, developed by Korean, Dr Kim over his years of designing the Green Power juicers. Dr Kim designed the Kempo Green with powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in the juice bowl and twin gears.

This technology separates out any harmful pesticides that may be present in the juice. Although I always buy organic as a rule, sometimes I do add in some non-organic leaves, or fresh herbs when I cannot get the organic version. I don’t feel so bad about it, knowing that my juicer removes the bad stuff so that I only drink what’s pure.

Another innovative feature of Kim’s design is that the Kempo Green rotates at a much lower speed than most other juicers on the market. This way, the lovely enzymes and nutrients are preserved absolutely intact, exactly as my body needs them to be.

This is because there is less heat produced by the slow-running motor and the food being juiced is exposed to less oxidation. Oxidation happens when something is exposed to oxygen in the air, which destroys its vitamins and other micro-nutrients.

These delicate micronutrients are so fragile, that most juicers destroy them altogether. So while you may feel you are juicing for health, you could be getting very little health benefits from your juice. You will always get some benefit of course, but you will be losing out on the super-nutrients that can provide us with those special benefits for optimal health.

It is possible to see this difference if you compare a food that is juiced in two different ways. The one that preserves the nutrients will be a lighter colour, because it is less oxidised.

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, I also insist that they are easy to clean. My juicer is easily cleaned and it is also light to lift.

Oh, and something else….as juicers go, I find it is remarkably quiet! Now that deserves a brownie point from me!

Do you get the impression that I adore my new juicer…well I do!

Emily Murdoch
Hi I write about health and fitness for women! You may contact me at

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