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Why I Love ‘My Fitness Pal’ for Detox & Weight Loss


I am not what you would call a gym rat or a fitness guru. In fact, I steer away from diets that tell you to eat x amount of veggies a week or a specific amount of water per day. I am just not a rules type of person. If this weight is going to come off, then it is going to come off my way and by finding my own methodology of what works best for me. Then I met My Fitness Pal and it threw all my theories about losing weight up in the air, but I think the famous fitness application and I are starting to understand each other.

Above all else, it holds me accountable for my weight loss. Yes, we all have our faults along our journey to get that perfect body. I struggle holding myself to exercise, but if I see I have logged it into the application, then I am more inclined to do it. Moreover, all sorts of exercise counts in this wonderful iOS application. You can do jumping jacks, zumba or even housework. The simplest exercises can raise your heart rate and break a sweat, so you should count those in your daily progress.

Then, there is the meal tracking. This is where I fall short. I do not like seeing my weight and I do not seeing how many calories I have ingested throughout the day. For the most part, I try to eat healthy and get some sort of fruit in each day. It is not always easy, however, and sometimes picking something up on the way home is so much easier. Do not fret about this. All you have to do is look up the nutritional values online and import into the application.

Furthermore, do not forget to add your friends on here. Seriously, now, think about it. They are your support system and want to see you do well. They’re (hopefully) excited about your fitness goals and will rally with you through to the end. You owe it to them not to give up. Document your food, water and fitness. Do not fall into traps and be comfortable with viewing your weight. Even if it goes up, consider that a motivational fire to get back on track. You can do it. I believe in you.

Earlier this year, my best friend and I started a Facebook group to help encourage each other to lose our weight. I am letting my foot pain hold me back, but she is looking fabulous in a new bathing suit. I would not suggest starting big on My Fitness Pal. It’s great to have goals, but make sure they are realistic and down to earth. For instance, set a goal of losing two pounds per week to start—which is a healthy way to shed the weight. Keep in tune with the exercise and drinking water, and soon that weight will walk itself off.

My Fitness Pal is a great tool. It is great for dieters who want a different approach to dieting, such as myself. I can never stand on a scale in front of anyone else, especially those community diet organizations that are aimed to help you lose weight. It is just not I. This is a much personalized way to do it; a more relaxed way of letting those pounds come off—by doing it my way. Would you let you someone tell you how to cook dinner in your own home? Nope, I did not think so. So, do not let them tell you how you should lose weight. It is as personal as the clothes you buy or the type of food you enjoy. So, try My Fitness Pal and lose weight your way. It is the best way to get that perfect body.


  1. Alexandria

    I have been hearing a lot about these kind of fitness apps lately. Just a few days ago a girl I was taking a walk with was telling me about the app she uses on her phone. I didn’t think to ask her the name of it but who knows it could be this one. I know she said it keeps track of her exercise like when she takes a walk but she had forgotten to charge her phone before we went walking so it wouldn’t count on her phone app. I am guessing then that it works like a pedometer? Is this app like that? I think that it’s really cool that you can do things like that using your phone. I would love to give something like that a try.

  2. Lily

    There are SO MANY apps out there, especially for weight loss and fitness, but I must admit that My Fitness Pal has been one of my favorites that I have stuck with for the longest time! It has helped to have some sort of accountability and tracking or else I would forget!

  3. Tisha

    Walking is a great exercise for getting fit. To see weight loss, though, all exercises need to be paired with clean eating. I’ve heard, and have come to find truth in, the concept that weightloss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Changing my diet helped me lose I lost over 7 stone.

  4. Victoria

    I’m on MyfitnessPal and I’m looking for a fitness buddy to keep motivated. Anyone want to connect and be buddies?

  5. Darlene

    I haven’t heard of this website and app before. I’ve been looking for a way to conveniently keep track of my calorie intake and output. I’ll have to check this out.

  6. Bev

    Fitness Pal is a great tool and like you, I’m not weighing myself in front of others. More than that, I’m not parting with money to do it when that money could buy me healthier food or go towards a gym membership.

  7. Nicky

    I’ve tried them all to be honest – Calorie Counter, Noom, My Plate, My Fitness Pal…
    MFP is by far the most comprehensive – it has a clean easy to use interface, lots of options, and a really good app aside from the regular site. I think it’s currently the best out there, even though it can sometimes be off with the calories due to the fact that you can sometimes stumble upon wrong info submitted by users.

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