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Nail Technician Training Schools


Nail treatments are a part of the cosmetology industry that is growing fast. The certified nail technician can work at a spa or salon or from home.  The job can include duties anywhere from a simple manicure to complete application of artificial nails.

Nail technicians who are also known as manicurists or pedicurists can perform a wide variety of jobs.  These jobs vary depending on which type of establishment you choose to work in.  Many technicians choose to work for shops that specialize in only nail and pedicure procedures. You will apply and remove all the many types of artificial nail systems such as acrylic nails, silk nails, fiberglass nails, porcelain nails and provide nail art.  Some specialty spas such as health spas or the high end salons encourage their nail technicians to assist in creating a serene environment with the use of aromatherapy and hand and foot massages.

The licensed nail technician provides personal appearance and beautification related services for their clients.  These include manicures, pedicures and other related services by using techniques they have acquired through cosmetology or other programs for which they may be certified in. Career choices for those with a nail technician license include manicurist, pedicurist and nail art technician.

Currently all states within the United States have licensing laws for nail technicians.  These laws mandate a certain number of hours of school and training.  Through a cosmetology course technicians earn a certificate or an associate’s degree at which time they become eligible to be licensed within each state. The license requirement ensures the public that the technician is qualified to perform the work and that they are aware of all sanitation regulations.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2006 Nail Technicians were employed in 78,000 positions and the projected job growth through 2016 is 28 percent.

Nail Technician Training Schools Resources

Course Title: Nail Technician
Name of Company: Vogue Beauty College
Location:  4631 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751-3441
Description: You will learn manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, gels, acrylics, developing knowledge and technique to build your career as a nail technician.
Resources:  www.voguebeautycollege.com/nails.php

Course Title: Manicuring
Name of Company:  The International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences
Location: 5225 San Fernando Road West, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Description: Advanced spa manicuring and pedicures are instructed. Instruction also includes training of basic techniques of water and oil manicures, nail repairs, nail enhancements and massage of hands, feet, arms and ankles. All applicable health, safety and sanitation regulations are instructed.
Resources: www.icbas.us

Course Title: Nail Technology
Name of Company: Arthur’s Beauty College
Location: 2000 North B Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901-3342
Description: Areas of study include health and sanitation, related sciences such as anatomy and physiology, disorders of the skin and nails, manicuring and pedicuring, advanced nail technology and career development.
Resources: www.arthursbeautycollege.com/programs.htm

Course Title: Nail Technology
Name of Company: Xenon International Academy
Location: 3804 W Douglas, Wichita, KS 67203
Description: You receive hands on training in natural nails, spa services, massage services, professional relationship building, leadership and retailing to prepare you for a career in as a nail technician.
Resources: www.xenonintl.com

Course Title: Nail Technology
Name of Company:  The Salon Professional Academy
Location: 4388 Austin Bluff Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Description: Advanced training for techniques and chemistry of nails, critical business training and communication skill training, small classroom size to enhance personal training, job placement in top salons and spas even before you graduate.
Resources: www.thesalonprofessionalacademy.com/nailtech.html

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