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Natural Anti-Aging Plan: How to “Slow Down” Aging Process


Anti aging is not just for older people who want to stay young anymore. It’s for everyone!

The truth is the younger we start to use anti aging techniques and strategies, the longer we can look (and stay looking!) young and healthy.

If you’re passed 50 then it is even more important that you read this Anti-Aging Plan now because there are tips here that you should start using immediately to slow down the aging process!

The Anti-Aging Plan

This plan includes Anti aging tips that can help you naturally stay looking and feeling young & healthy.

Learn what to do, and what to avoid, as well as help with diet, skin care, fitness and health related products.

As we get older our bodies seem to betray us, don’t they?

Our skin becomes thinner and more transparent, the inevitable wrinkles begin to appear, our shape changes…not necessarily in a good way, and even our internal system starts to process differently.

So what are we to do with this aging process?? Ultimately these things may be out of our absolute control, but, there are actions we can take to offset and even prevent the tell tale signs of aging that can be disheartening.

Anti-Aging Secrets You can do from Home

We cover a variety of tips, from diet and nutrition to skin care and health supplements; from preventative measures to exercise.

Let’s talk about what you CAN do to prevent or minimize the signs of aging. Some of these tips are easier to put into practice than others, depending upon your lifestyle:

  • Don’t Smoke
    Aside from the obvious health risks of smoking (like, it will kill you), this activity also cause wrinkles, particularly around the mouth. I can spot a middle aged woman who smokes very easily…I look at her face. Those tiny lines and wrinkles are a dead giveaway. Stop smoking and you’ll not only save a lot of money and live longer, you’ll look younger, too.
  • Stay Out of the Sun
    We all know, or should know, the dangers of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. There are two types of UV rays – UVB rays, which can lead to skin cancer when they cause sunburn, and UVA rays which can cause your skin to age. Sunscreen will help to offset some of the sun’s potential damage, but the best course of action is to minimize your exposure.
  • Watch What You Eat
    Always important to a healthy lifestyle, our diet and food choices become even more critical as we get older. Read more about anti aging nutrition and anti aging diet and learn how you can impact your own aging process by your food selections.
  • Consider Supplements to Your Diet
    There are a number of anti aging supplements available, and it’s most beneficial to begin starting with them when in your twenties. But even if you are seeing the signs of aging, it’s never too late! You can restore smoothness and elasticity to your skin, helping to reduce what you see now and help prevent more aging signs from appearing.
  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized
  • Work Off Your Stress
    Not only does stress make us feel less than happy, it also contributes to our aging process. We can’t eliminate the stress from our lives, but we can take a proactive approach to working it off. The key is to set aside the time to de-stress yourself. For some it is reading a good book, for others it is a long, quiet walk…perhaps a great movie or even an afternoon nap. Some people find that a hobby is very relaxing, so think about what you really enjoy doing, as that can help you de-stress.

Anti Aging Nutrition

“Your food and diet choices can help you retain that youthful glow”

Anti aging nutrition facts as well as a simple and easy to understand lists of the foods that will help you maintain your health, vitality and youthful appearance.

Let’s face it. As we get older, things start happening to our bodies that are just, well, not much fun. We start to notice the sagging, bagging, belly fat, blotchy skin spots….need I say more?

Fortunately you can stave off some of the effects of maturing with diet and exercise, and wise nutrition choices. The goal is to eat the RIGHT AMOUNT of the RIGHT KINDS OF FOOD.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and one result of this is that we don’t need to eat the same quantities of food that we did in our younger years.

If you don’t change the amount and type of food you consume, you’ll gain weight.

What foods should you eat for effective anti aging nutrition?

  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s): EFA’s will give your body the nutrients it needs for sleek, supple skin and healthy hair and is even known to help balance hormones. Find EFA’s in olive/flax seed oil and avocados
  • Antioxidants are an important part of overall nutrition, and can help prevent disease and premature aging: Find the highest antioxidants in kale, spinach, raisins, prunes, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries.
  • Parsley is packed full of nutrients and aids your body’s oxygen metabolism.
  • Cucumbers are full of natural mineral water and are a diuretic to help your kidneys eliminate waste.
  • Cherries, grapefruit and celery help to dislodge calcium deposits from the joints, which helps alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables contain anti aging nutrition and will always benefit you in your healthy eating and anti aging nutritional plans. Juices made from fruits and veggies are very beneficial.
  • Water. Lots of it. Drink a glass of water before every meal.Some common complaints such as headaches, tiredness, even hot flashes, can be associated with dehydration. Minimize the soda and other sugar laden drinks and stick with water. Add a slice of lemon or orange for flavor if needed, but just make sure you drink it.
  • Minimize your intake of processed and ‘junk’ foods. They have no nutritional value and add nothing to an anti aging nutrition based diet.
  • Reduce your salt and sugar intake. Not only will it affect your waistline, but read how eating too much sugar can cause wrinkles.
  • Eat smaller sized meals/snacks – up to five per day, beginning with breakfast. If you typically don’t eat in the morning, then have a minimal lunch, you may overeat and snack in the evening, which does your body no good, much less the scale.
  • Reduce your fat intake. a good rule of thumb is to limit food choices that are higher than 30% fat content.

The goal with anti aging nutrition is to eat a balanced diet, rich in fiber…fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products. Include about 15% protein in the form of meats, dairy and soy products in your daily intake and you’ll be on your way to keeping your body healthy and youthful.

Anti Aging Skin Care

“Learn how your skin ages and what you can do
to retain a youthful look”

Anti aging skin care is near the top of my list of things to be concerned about as I get older…how about you?

I suppose it’s because the aging process seems so much outside of my control. Things just start happening to my body and my appearance that I can’t change, and that can be frustrating.

But, maybe I can do something about my skin and how it is beginning to age. It helps to have an understanding of our skin, which is the largest organ we possess.

Our skin is our primary defense shield against the outside forces that would harm our insides.

Whether the aggressor is bacteria, virus, extreme temperatures or the sun’s rays, we need our skin to perform for us and protect us every day.

When we are young, our skin is smooth and sleek, soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. As we age, things take a downward tumble, don’t they?

We end up looking a little bit like raisins in our later years, and I don’t know about you, but I will do my utmost to utilize the most effective anti aging skin care to minimize those ‘shriveling effects’ as long as I can!

What can you do to prevent your skin from prematurely aging?

It helps to understand what happens to our skin as we age, so we can formulate the plan of how we’re going to care for it.

  • Our skin becomes drier
    As we age our hormone production decreases, and along with that is a decrease in the natural moisturizing oils. If you live in a climate with very cold and windy weather it can be brutal on your skin, giving you a double whammy. The sensible approach is to faithfully use a good quality moisturizer, particularly after showering or bathing. A cream that includes Vitamin A can help improve your skin’s condition, as it decreases the rate of collagen breakdown. Collagen is a fibrous protein that helps maintain your skin’s firmness. You can also get vitamin A through your diet by including oranges, carrots and eggs. Foods and supplements that include antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 help as well.
  • Our skin becomes thinner
    One of the reasons for this is that our skin loses some of the fatty layer that lies below the epidermis, our outermost layer of skin. Another reason for this is slower skin cell regeneration. Thinner skin can result in more bruising and breakage. Plus, it looks, well…thin. Exposure to the sun breaks down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. With less elastin in our connective tissues to help skin and muscles regain their original form, the skin loses elasticity and becomes more fragile. You can help to minimize the effects of skin thinning with an effective anti aging skin care routine including moisturizer and sun screen with an SPF of at least 15.
  • Our skin begins to sag
    Yes, the laws of gravity apply to our skin, unfortunately, there is no way around it! Along with the factors mentioned above, weight changes throughout our life will affect how much our skin sags. As women, our estrogen production decreases and, of course, that is the hormone that helps keep the skin tight. Go figure. Smokers can count on extra wrinkles, especially in the facial area, as it degrades collagen and dehydrates the deeper layers of your skin. (Of course it can also kill you, another really good reason not to smoke.) The place on our bodies where sagging skin is most evident is in our facial features, so that is where most people concentrate their anti aging skin care and treatment. There are procedures, many of them invasive, that can work to correct or minimize the signs of aging. If you are reading this and you’re young, bless your heart! Resolve to begin a faithful and ongoing skin care routine to keep yourself looking as good as you possibly can through the years. That is the best defense.
  • Our skin wrinkles
    I know, this is a rather depressing list, isn’t it? The first sign of wrinkles actually appears in our 20’s and they are called motor wrinkles, which are due to muscle and skin movement. If you are a sun worshipper, they may be more pronounced. Okay, I can live with that.In our 30’s the wrinkles get a little deeper around our eyes, because of the movement and motion around the eyelids, and, exposure to the sun.As we enter our 40’s lines being to appear at the upper lip. Smokers, this is where you will see the results of puffing, and the wrinkles around your lips will be more pronounced.Once the 50’s are upon us the wrinkles just keep on comin’. If you have been caring for your skin with quality moisturizers and sunscreens your face may not be as heavily wrinkled as someone who has not been proactive.

Whether you are reading this in your 50’s, 40’s, 30’s or younger, here is a quality anti aging skin care plan that may be just what you are looking for.

The Facial Magic and Cell Renewal Skin Care system was founded by Cynthia Rowland and assists your body’s own natural process of skin cell regeneration to attain the highest possible level of youthfulness and health.

Her formulas combine the intelligence of science and the wisdom of nature to bring you a highly effective regenerative skin care program.

I really appreciate the fact that these anti aging skin care products do not contain synthetics, petroleum derivatives, comedogenic ingredients, toxic irritants, lanolin and other animal by-products. They do not engage in animal testing and use only biodegradable and recyclable materials.

The bottom line? Our skin is going to sag, wrinkle and become thinner as we age…there is no getting around that fact!

But we can be proactive about caring for our body, and our skin specifically, with a quality anti aging skin care program.

Anti Aging Diet Tips

“Look and feel younger with an anti aging diet plan!”

Anti aging diet and weight loss tips and help for you as you mature. Learn how to adjust your eating habits and encourage health and longevity.

As we age, we become more susceptible to the long-term effects of two things:

  • oxidative stress, a condition where the body basically has too many free radicals…oxygen molecules that play a role in the onset of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease and
  • inflammation on the cellular level.

The theory is that antioxidants and other age-defying compounds help cells ward off damage from free radicals and minimize the impact of aging.

Got that? Okay. Another term to learn in this process is phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients, which are members of the antioxidant family, gobble up free radicals. This is good…we want those free radicals to be gobbled up!

So, we want to have an eating plan that includes phytonutrients (antioxidants) and anti-inflammatory foods. It’s that simple, really.

An anti aging diet is two-fold, as explained above, and concentrates on foods that are considered to be anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, as they can help to slow aging at the cellular level.

Anti-inflammatory foods include cold water fish and rich colored fruits and vegetables. That’s not too difficult to remember, is it?

Here’s the flip side of it. These foods are pro-inflammatory and can accelerate aging: large amounts of saturated or trans fatty acids, sugars, and starches. They cause insulin levels to surge and trigger an anti-inflammatory response and accelerate the aging process.

So while these foods may taste good to you and you might crave them, they are actually contributing to your aging process as well as health issues. It would be wise to keep your intake of these types of foods to a minimum.

Here is a list of foods that are definitely on the anti aging diet list:

  • acai, apples, avocado, barley, beans, blueberries, broccoli, buckwheat, cinnamon, dark chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, honey, kiwi, lentils, low fat yogurt, nuts, oats, onions, oranges, peppers, pomegranates, pumpkin, seeds, soy, spinach, sprouts, tea, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts and wild salmon.
  • As mentioned above, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly blueberries and dark leafy greens.
  • Fish like salmon and tuna have potent anti-inflammatory effects. Walnuts and flax seed are on the list as well, so be sure to include these on your menu.

Remember that protein from turkey breast, skinless chicken, lean beef/pork, eggs, beans and seafood should be a part of your healthy diet.

One more consideration for a complete anti aging diet is adding things like intermittent fasting and controlling calorie intake. More and more studies have discovered the both the diet composition and also calorie restricted diets work well for increasing longevity.

Experimenting with intermittent fasting or other calorie restricted diets can be one of the best things you can do for life extension, and likely some very neat anti aging benefits, too.

Always seek out the advice of your family physician, watch the calorie intake, exercise regularly, keep the antioxidant rich and anti inflammatory foods on your daily menu, and your anti aging diet will become part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Anti Aging Supplements

Supplements and herbal remedies for reducing the appearance of aging should be part of your anti-aging plan.

Your body is going to age, and that’s a fact.

How it goes through that process and impacts your longevity is up to you. Find out how anti aging products and supplements can help you live life to the fullest.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic anti aging pill that we could take one night, then wake up the next morning without the aches and pains, plus, our face would look like it did when we were in our 20’s?

Well, dream on…but don’t lose heart, because there are supplements available that you can take to go hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle.

As we get older, a healthy diet plan, commitment to exercise and wise day to day choices become paramount. Anti aging supplements can enhance that plan and keep up looking, and feeling, younger.

Here are some of the widely accepted products, some natural, that are available today:

  • Vitamin B Complex – critical in maintaining proper heart health, aids in reducing memory loss, is essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system; correct digestion, and to assist in the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin C – The benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. Vitamin C is a natural supplement found in any number of fruits and their juices, but you can also take supplements to further the many benefits of this essential nutrient.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps to minimize the overall effects of aging and produce higher quality skin tone and texture when you take these anti aging supplements. It works from the inside out to condition and improve skin. It helps to reduce wrinkling and is effective both as an oral vitamin, and used topically in creams and lotions.
  • CoQ10 – Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a key factor in energy production and helps us burn fats and carbs more efficiently. Studies have shown it to help normalize elevated blood glucose in some cases. It also supports heart health and protects the brain.
  • ResveratrolResveratrol is a compound found naturally in foods such as muscadine grapes, nuts, red wine, peanuts, some berries, and possibly in other fruits and plants. Ongoing studies are analyzing the possible benefits of this supplement including anti aging, weight loss, reduced incidence of disease and more.As an anti aging supplement, look for Trans-resveratrol, as it is the type of resveratrol that is considered nutritionally relevant. Also check for the potency level…is it 55% pure or 99% pure? Avoid resveratrol products that contain additional ingredients such as additives, fillers, or other substances. Read the label and make an informed decision.
  • Omega-3 – Omega-3’s promote soft, pliable cell walls, boost brain function, and contribute to weight loss. One of the easiest ways to obtain omega-3 fatty acids is through a fish oil supplement, which comes in pill form, although it is naturally found in salmon (and other cold water fish), perilla oil, walnuts, flaxseed, and algae.

Ultimately, it is always wise to talk to your family physician about the vitamins and supplements you take, to ensure that they are providing the intended benefit to you as an individual.

Also, do your homework before purchasing. Are there fillers and additives in the supplement you are considering?

Don’t make a decision strictly on price; remember you are putting these supplements into your system. Quality is a really good thing!


The best anti-aging plan is one that incorporates everything from diet and supplements, to herbal natural remedies, as well as topical skin care products.

It all fits into a healthy lifestyle plan that helps you burn fat, stay lean and healthy, while living longer and feeling better.

Our top tip is that you learn more about intermittent fasting for combating the effects of aging. As well as begin a exercise program if you have not already got that as part of your daily routine.

Above all try to hit all of the different areas including the things like wearing sun protection because any one of these so-called “secrets” do not work well on their own. Yet together there is a synergistic effect and can keep you young, healthy and active.

So go get ’em!

Gloria Brown
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