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14 Natural (Aphrodisiac) Foods That Boost Men & Women’s Libido


Libido is an excellent barometer of overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

The pace of modern life, including physical and psychological stress, depression, hormonal disturbance and lifestyle factors such smoking, alcohol, overweight, prescription and recreational drugs, have been implicated in the increasing occurrence of reduced sex drive and poor sexual performance in men and women. Loss of self esteem, embarrassment and relationship difficulties often result, impeding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of a full and enriched love life. Although modern pharmaceutical preparations assisting sexual performance popularized the issue, potential side effects have directed the focus to wholistic approaches, optimizing total health by regulating underlying imbalances and restoring natural cycles of desire and fulfillment in both men and women.

The Food of Love

A nutrient dense diet of unprocessed whole food, provides concentrated sources of vital reproductive system nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, C and trace elements such as zinc. And if you really want to B sexy – remember the all important complex of B vitamins which optimize functioning of endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems. A potent multivitamin formula ensures that optimal levels are met. Naturally men’s and women’s nutritional requirements are different, an understanding reflected by GNC’s formulation of Mega Men and Women’s Ultra Mega, providing support of energy levels, endocrine function and physical responsiveness. Optimal nutritional levels ensure that efficient use of herbs and other supplements is possible. Essential fatty acids including those found in flax, primrose, borage and blackcurrant seed oils are also critical for hormone synthesis


The term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexuality, who according to Greek mythology, emerged from the sea bearing herbs to cure impotence, enhance sexual pleasure and ignite the flames of passion. Every culture seems to have its own aphrodisiacs, many of which are now available in the West

1. Damiana (Turnera Diffusa)

Discovered and used as an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs, it strengthens the nervous system, promotes feelings of wellbeing and is a reproductive restorative for both sexes

2. Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)

Containing phytochemicals that support endurance and stamina, it revitalizes the body, diminishes fatigue, restores energy levels and increases libido.

3. Potency Wood (Muira Puama)

Known as Brazil’s premier nerve stimulant and virility herb, it has a long and successful history in treating sexual debility. It contains special plant sterols and the unique alkaloid, muirapuamine, which contribute to its libido improving effects.

4. Tribulus terrestris

This herb from the Balkans, with the reputation of naturally boosting testosterone is recognized by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its rejuvenating properties such as increased libido, strength and performance. Research indicates that low testosterone levels accompanies low libido in both men and women. It also supports balanced hormone production in women. For optimum results use of the plant’s root and fruit is recommended

5. Maca (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon)

A South American tuber with remarkable restorative powers, capable of balancing the endocrine system of men and women of all ages

6. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium sagittatum)

Although its name produces winks and giggles, this reproductive tonic discovered in forested regions of Asia in 22 BC. has serious libido boosting activity. It also stimulates sensory nerves and assists performance. It was named when a Chinese farmer noticed the sexual rejuvenation experienced by goats – young and old – when grazing on this plant.

7. Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera)

A premier Ayurvedic tonic herb that restores vitality, endurance and endocrine equilibrium.

8. Oats (Avena sativa)

The expression “sowing his wild oats” may come from the long history that this plant has in enhancing libido, while mitigating the effects if stress on the nervous system. The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality has shown oats work as an effective aphrodisiac.

9. Love Potions

Hebral X and Hebral Y
His and hers specific formulas including Muira Puama, Tribulus terrestis, Horny Goat Weed, Korean and Siberian Ginsengs, Damiana, Ginkgo Biloba and Zinc

10. Horny Goat Weed Plus

A phyto-nutritional blend of 12 potent ingredients designed to stir natural urges and enhance performance

11. Veromax

Containing a synergistic blend of herbs and amino acids whose combined properties act on nitric oxide levels in the body, this approach incorporates Nobel prize winning science of nitric oxide level involvement with sexual performance, sensitivity and desire through regulation of blood vessel dilation and constriction. It is supported by clinical trials in which 76% of men taking it daily for 3 months experienced a measurable improvement in their overall sex life.

12. Xcitement Plus

This unisex, one tablet a day formula is a potent blend of 15 herbs and nutrients specifically designed to boost libido, enhance sexual function, improve circulation, stamina and energy levels.

13. Green Medicine – Push

Thought by the ancient Chinese to have been the Emperor’s personal formula, this blend was handed down from ancient times. As a powerful kidney and jing essence restorative, it revitalizes the entire system and revives libido.

14. Maca Aphrodite

A selection of Chinese, Ayurvedic and South American herbs designed to help recover and maintain sexual vigor for men and women of any age.

Bring her flowers…

Emotional upsets and feelings of helplessness and inadequacy can accompany sexual difficulties. Flower essences that can help are the Bach remedies Agrimony (for fear of bad sexual performance) and Crab Apple (for negative body image). Australian Bush Flower Essences such as the Relationship and Confidence blends can also be useful.

Essential ingredients for bedroom bliss

Therapeutic grade pure essential oils help set the mood. Inhaling them instigates cascades of bodily chemical reactions. Try traditional aphrodisiacs such as jasmine, rose, clary sage, patchouli, sandalwood, neroli and ylang ylang in a massage blend or oil burner. Light a candle and dim the lights…


  1. Alana

    I’am currently enrolled in the Narutal Chef program at Bauman College in Berkeley California and have been compiling information for my final. I will be creating a macrobiotic diet plan for women on their moon cycle. I wanted to put a focus on hormonal balance through a macrobiotic diet. I was hoping you might have some insight on the subject for me. Recipes are greatly appreciated as well. Thank You!


  2. Natasha

    Knowing What is an Aphrodisiac is important; we all have probably heard a lot of things about aphrodisiacs, or even used them before having sex with someone. Some people do not know what is an aphrodisiac and that is important nowadays. Let me tell you the truth about what is an aphrodisiac in this article and you will stop having doubts about this topic and on top of that I will provide you with a list of aphrodisiacs, some of them famous, some of them not so famous, so you can use them whenever you want to try them on you. What is an aphrodisiac…know you will know!

    To get started, let me tell you what is an aphrodisiac: it is a substance or activity which is supposed to heighten sexual interest and desire. There are currently many substances throughout history have been used as aphrodisiacs, and some cultures have built up their own aphrodisiac rituals such as dances which purpose is to highlight female beauty arousing the audience. The efficacy of various products that are currently included in the list of aphrodisiacs is a subject of debate, for the reason that scientific studies have been performed on these substances and on top of that there is a greater concern taking into consideration the fact that some aphrodisiacs, such as rhinoceros horn, are putting endangered animals at risk of extinction. So, besides knowing what is an aphrodisiac you have to make the right choices.

    So after knowing what is an aphrodisiac you have to know that the term comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, and so the Greeks referred to sexual pleasure as aphrodisia, and that is why it stands to reason that a substance which enhances this experience would be known as an aphrodisiac.

    Many foods are part of the list of aphrodisiacs, including some surprising foods like arugula, garlic, mustard, and asparagus and in some cultures the consumption of specific herbs is supposed to enhance sexual desire, and many societies also include animal products in the list of aphrodisiacs. Tiger penis and rhinoceros horn, for example, are part of the list of aphrodisiacs because these animals are virile and strong and so people want to get those qualities out of them by using their products.

May Ling
Macrobiotics & natural health practitioner of Chinese decent. May Ling provides a Yin-Yang perspective to holistic health and natural healing. Contact:

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