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Natural Breast Enhancement with Ayurveda?


Naturally enlarging breasts is a hot topic among supplement and herbal remedies makers. Yet is there any real way to increase the size of your breasts naturally, and safely?

Why naturally enhance breast size? Ayurveda.

The world is full of duality. And this duality is expressed in a balanced manner in male and female or in men and women. Modern feminist like John Gray, the famous author of “Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus”, have rightly stressed the truth of difference of men and women while emphasizing their equality.

Men have been touted for their rationalism and women for their feeling, men for their strength and women for their beauty. Beauty is never limited to body; it is expressed through mind, emotions and body. And no one can deny the first swaying impression of the physical sense of beauty. Thousands of prose and poetical renditions provide the testimony. According to scores of reports and surveys, the beauty of the feminine body is conveyed in its strongest way through the sensuousness and sensuality of bust line.

So it is just natural and a part of mental make up of women to associate their sense of beauty, charm, sensuality, sexuality and self-esteem with breasts that are attractive in looks, in feeling and in touch. Here mammary glands surpasses the biological concept of being an accessory reproductive organ and becomes a part and parcel of feminine virtue. This feeling is ingrained in greater depth in by all forms of media as well as friend circle.

Girls and women feel great self-esteem and confidence socially, emotionally and personally by having appropriate depth of bust line and size of breasts that are firm, full, elastic and resilient. Women never accept at least mentally the opposite scenario such as scanty or little size of breasts, drooping or pendulous breasts, sagging and flaccid breasts. Natural breast enlargement is about natural and holistic means for correcting the above condition of insufficient mammary glands.

The Tissues Forming The Breasts:

The size of breasts varies in women and also in different periods of life. But the size of base of breast is fairly constant. Breast extends from second to sixth rib along the middle of collarbone. Breast rests just below the skin and above the pectoralis muscle or chest muscle.

Breast consists of nipple and surrounding areola covering 2.5 centimeter area around the center. Areola is muscular and erectile. The breast tissue consists of subcutaneous fat, the lactiferous duct and the lactating glands, fibrous connective tissue made up of collagen protein and plenty of lymph vessels, blood vessels and nerves.

Is The Size Of Breasts Related To Body Size?

Though the body of females is divided into three body types – huge or large, medium and lean and thin. But these body types are neither related with nor relevant for the size of breasts. Ladies with large physical built can have small breasts and lean and thin ladies can possess large and fuller breasts that is why fuller bust line could be desirable with different body types.

When does Breasts Size Change Normally?

From structural point of view, there is no significant difference in male and female breasts until they reach puberty. During the pubertal growth spurt in girls, breast enhancement occurs as a secondary reproductive organ. Now breasts enlarge and develop in size. From this time onwards, changes in breasts occur in a cyclical manner following the pattern of hormonal changes during each menstrual cycle.

The second development of breasts occurs during pregnancy. Even during early pregnancy, nipple and areola becomes larger with more muscles and connective tissue. The lactating ducts proliferate and increase in size. The blood supply increases and this results in fuller and larger breasts.

Third change in breasts occurs when a mother stops breastfeeding. Breasts shrink a little chiefly due to loss of some fat but retains most of the lactating parts and much of the muscular part. Fourth change is associated with ageing and menopause.

How to Increase the Size of Your Breasts with Ayurveda

Many tools are available for natural breast enhancement or enlargement that range from Yoga, exercise, massage with Ayurvedic herbal oils, posture and Ayurvedic herbal remedies. But it is important to know what are the elements of well endowed bust. How would you know that there is need for enlargement or enhancement.

The Elements Of Desired Breasts:

What are the desired features of breasts by females? Definitely everyone will love healthy breasts irrespective of its size. And then comes certain features like – firmness, youthful feeling of bounce during walking, fullness, elasticity and resiliency, enhanced size, softness and suppleness. This gets down to a delicate balance of tone and suppleness.

Now let us analyze these features on the basis of tissues – elasticity, firmness and fullness result from muscles or connective tissue or proteins and from proper blood supply. Softness and suppleness results from adequate quantity of fatty tissue that is held appropriately by fibrous connective tissue. The enhanced looks and enlarged size is also a result of healthy hormones and ‘toned’ nerves.

Natural Breast Enhancement for Saggy And Drooping Breasts With Low Tone:

We will not direct this flow toward medical conditions. We will concentrate only toward breast enhancement and enlargement. The term enhancement is used when the size of the breast is satisfactory and it doesn’t have firmness or fullness and it is either drooping or pendulous. Enlargement is used when there is need for larger size.

Some women feel the insufficiency of breasts right from teen age and they will desire to enhance and enlarge their bust line and front. Other women plan to enhance their breasts after childbirth when they stop breastfeeding. Another category of women is of middle-aged ladies who are approaching menopause prematurely or maturely.

In present day stressful life, the age of onset of menopause is coming down. And many women had to undergo hysterectomy before menopause. The combined effect of stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and other disorders is degenerative changes in body at an earlier age. It is also reflected in breasts. There is loss of fat, decrease in connective tissue and proteins and lactation ducts. These are the conditions when women want to use measures to enhance and enlarge breasts.

Holistic And Natural Measures for Natural Breast Enhancement

Natural Breast Enhancement with Appropriate Brassiere:

Some bras that have push-up wire to give the lifted look to bosoms are more harmful as they obstruct the flow of blood and drainage of lymph.  And it might lead to unhealthy and saggy breasts. On the other hand, brassiere should provide a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Natural Breast Enhancement with Exercise And Yoga:

Physical exercise and Yoga Asana are the great tools for this purpose. Exercise that helps to correct the ‘drawn-in’ posture of shoulders and chest are more helpful in letting the bosom to resume a more appealing and prominent position. Right posture helps to give fuller looks to even relatively scanty breasts.

Exercise of pectoralis major or chest muscle is done by lifting the weights up and down along an oblique circle that goes upward and outward and then comes downward and inward. This exercise along with shoulder and upper limb circular rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise direction helps to tone the chest muscles that are the base or floor of breasts.

Some Yoga postures like Chakrasana, Gomukhasana, Badhapadamasana and Tadasana are the most efficient asanas to correct posture and to tone the muscles so that the ‘chest’ appears and become enhanced and enlarged.

Natural Breast Enhancement with Dietary And Lifestyle Modifications:

Stress, hectic schedule, lack of relaxation and recreation, abstaining from sex, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep are some of the common factors associated with poor general health, ageing and degenerative changes that needs to be rectified.

More of fruits and vegetables in diet, balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise are some of the positive doable steps for better overall health. Some foods like cabbage, soybeans, dried beans, tofu, lentils, tempeh, rice, soy beverages, alfalfa, linseed, mung beans, sesame seeds, apples, wheat, carrots, berries, wheat germ, oats, ricebran, barley and soy linseed bread do contain natural phyto-estrogen like substances that help to tone up and balance our hormones are thus essential for the health of reproductive organs including breasts.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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