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9 Natural Remedies For Wrinkles


Healing Properties In Various Natural Remedies For Preventing Aging And Wrinkles

Natural remedy for wrinkles need to have certain essential healing properties. The herbal remedies for preventing wrinkles are categorized into nine groups such as exfoliants or scrubs, facials or masks, astringents or toners, moisturizers, emollients, nourishing agents, cellular regenerative agents, antioxidants and facial sauna or steaming.

How Do Wrinkles Appear On Normal Skin?

First let us understand a bit about our skin. Skin is the largest organ that has two primary layers – upper epidermis and lower dermis. Epidermis serves as a protective sheath with its uppermost layer of dead cells and inner layer of living cells.  The dermis has fat, connective tissue in the form of collagen and elastin proteins, and nerves and blood vessels. The dermis is an undulating layer below the epidermis and this undulation increases the surface area for providing more nutrients and for flushing away waste metabolites and toxins.

Skin serves as the protective layer that keeps internal organs, water and other nutrients safe inside our body, saves us from our microorganisms and excretes out the waste material of our body in the form of sweat. Sweating also contributes toward maintaining our body temperature.

As a result of interplay of various factors with ongoing time, the rate regeneration of cells goes down, the amount of collagen and elastin protein diminishes, the moisture of skin dries, the underneath undulating fat and dermis layer flattens out and we have these wrinkles! So any natural remedy for wrinkles have to work on all these parameters.

What Do Wrinkles Indicate?

The famous Indian Monk, Swami Vivekananda once told his disciples, “Face of a person tells about his past and eyes tell his future.” This statement might have some esoteric meaning but it applies directly to our health. Our faces tell a story about our general nutrition and body health, and about the effects of aging.

Wrinkles, furrows, frown and crow’s feet are a natural indicator of our maturity if we are talking in a pleasant manner. At the same time, wrinkles are a sign of aging and an indicator of old age. Who can deny cherishing ever-growing desire to be young and to look youthful and with glowing, firm and radiant skin? Though there are several options available to deal with wrinkles and aging, we will explore some herbal and ayurvedic options and natural remedy for wrinkles and aging.

How to Reduce Wrinkles with Herbal Remedies

Nine different measures are used along with various natural remedy for wrinkles and skin health. All of them comprise different skin treatments to produce a specific effect on skin.

1. Exfoliants Or Scrubs:

Walnut and Almond shells are used along with some moisturizer and emollients. Exfoliation is the removal of dull and dead surface skin. Carefully scrubbing your face exposes underlying, fresh skin and encourages the growth of the undeveloped skin in the deeper layers of skin.

2. Moisturizers:

Moisturizer should be a fine balance of water and oil. Water hydrates the skin and provides moisture. Oily part helps to retain this moisture by not letting it to evaporate. Skin remains soft and supple and dryness is prevented.

3. Astringents And Toners:

The herbs with astringent taste help in firming and tightening the skin and maintains its elasticity. A toner can be any substance that improves the general appearance and health of the skin. Herbs and chemicals with these qualities are primarily used in various natural remedy for wrinkles.

4. Facials And Masks:

Facial massage is done with herbal powders, fruit paste and some ayurvedic oils and various types of clay. Masks are intended to let the natural beauty shine. Yes, they help toward glowing and radiant skin. Masks also pull impurities from the skin, increase circulation and remove (exfoliate) dull surface skin.

5. Emollients:

Emollients help in protecting the moisture of skin and render the skin supple. These help in recuperating the lipids and fat-soluble substances like Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

6. Nourishing Substances:

Nourishing substances provide the nutrition to skin and its tissues.

7. Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that protect the skin from damaging effects of oxidants.

8. Regenerating The Cells:

With aging, the rate of production of new cells is slowed down significantly. So the agents that stimulate the regeneration of new cells also contribute toward the health of face and skin.

9. Facial Sauna Or Steaming:

Steaming or sauna softens the skin’s surface to help cleanse and unclog pores. The heat increases circulation and relaxes facial muscles while the combination of steam and essential oils acts as a moisturizer.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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