Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a form of alternative and complementary medicine that uses the inner workings of the mind to achieve desired results. The notion that thought patterns begin a chain reaction of subsequent emotional and physical responses is the driving force behind the system. NLP is closely associated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Thinking patterns have a profound effect on the structure of the brain, as each new thought creates new neurological pathways. People who practice neuro linguistic programming seek to create neurological pathways that reinforce positive feelings and automatic physical responses.

NLP and Emotional Health

NLP has a strong influence on the individual’s emotional health. Since the programming works on a subconscious level, it helps to undermine negative belief systems, poor self-esteem and negative emotions that can stem from these elements.

Emotional responses appear to be automatic and beyond individual control. However, they can be influenced indirectly through the subconscious mind. Thoughts lead to emotional responses, and strong emotional responses have physical ramifications. There is a direct correlation between thoughts, emotions and automatic physical responses.

Automatic Physical Responses

Automatic physical responses, like emotions, can be controlled using the subconscious mind. Among the most noticeable physical responses appear when a person is in a state of intense fear. The physical ramifications of the fear response are designed to trigger the “flight or fight” response in order to keep the individual out of harm’s way.

In many cases, especially when the person suffers from a phobic condition, the physical responses occur when there is no apparent reason. They can manifest as panic attacks, anxiety disorders or heart palpations, among a number of other problematic physical responses.

Other problems may stem from subconscious mind as well. Over time, these negative physical responses can lead to long-term health problems. NLP not only addresses underlying belief systems and thought processes that are potentially harmful to emotional and physical health. Many people find relief from various conditions using this naturally relaxing approach.

Conditions Treated Using NLP

People seek help from a trained NLP professional for countless conditions including but not limited to:

Neuro linguistic programming offers a viable way to reach and reprogram the subconscious mind. Trying to control emotions and automatic physical responses on a conscious level is counterproductive because the focus is on the specific problem you are trying to avoid. The best way to deal with automatic responses is through the subconscious mind.


NLP is not designed to cure any diseases or medical conditions but it can be an effective complement to traditional medicine in the treatment of various problems. The approach may be used in conjunction with nearly any plan of care, but it should not replace medical interventions determined by a physician.

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