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NIA Technique


NIA technique, a holistic treatment that is suitable for helping people reach a multitude of health goals. The technique incorporates exercise as an integral fact of complete health care. The process does not focus on a particular illness, but rather a lifestyle that involves education, practice and movement.

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NIA Training

NIA blends three elements into one program. The system includes martial arts, dance, and healing in the following established realms:

These nine elements come together in an integrative system that helps people work through movement and education to promote healing, health and fitness. Each person is trained according to his or her level of ability and specific goals.

The layering of different elements in the areas of lifestyle, fitness, and education makes this a truly holistic approach. Proponents for the approach refer to it as a “lifelong journey” that has no beginning, middle or end. It is an ongoing way of life that is specific to the individual.

Sense of Community

Along with the individualized elements in the program, NIA offers a sense of community. Many who practice this approach take group classes that inspire an interconnected feeling among the participants.

Along with the sense of community are goals that each participant can achieve. The experience is motivating, as the energy and enthusiasm spreads from one participant to another. Goals are reached, and a “belt system” is used to indicate the level of experience each person reaches:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black
  • First Degree Black Belt

Green belts are given to those licensed to teach NIA exclusively. The green belts fall between the white and blue levels. Each achieved level is not exclusive to the class setting. Individuals earning each level move lessons and lifestyle into their everyday experiences across the board.

The system is cumulative, with lessons building upon one another. The sequencing of lessons lead to activities and goals that are more complex. Those adopting this holistic healing process as well as those seeking to teach the program to others use the belt system.

NIA Technique: A Holistic Treatment

The body-based approach to learning is seen in a number of different approaches, as kinesthetic learning is an important aspect of all forms of education. Many people learn by doing and this process applies to learning how to heal as well. The holistic treatment approach reaches the following realms:

  • Sensory experiences
  • Attention and focus
  • Emotion
  • Unique spirituality

NIA technique is a viable option for many people because it offers a way for each person to connect with others. In addition, the approach offers lifelong lessons that are applicable in everyday situations. Other techniques often require a few sessions that have a beginning, middle and end. NIA is ongoing, offering a holistic approach that last a lifetime.

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