Friday, August 7, 2020

Non-Surgical / Non-Invasive Liposuction Alternatives


Are there any alternatives to getting liposuction which are non-surgical and non-invasive for the body? And do they work?


It’s not surprising if you’re worried about liposuction because the surgery is such an invasive procedure and most people are scared to go through it.

It’s also costly , entails anesthesia, surgical risks and a period of recovery, not to mention the possible complications that you can get that can haunt you silly.

So, are there any so called alternatives to liposuction, you know, without the ugly risk of surgery?

Seems that you can, according to the latest techniques developed. All of them claim to be non-invasive and remove the need for surgery.

Safe & Reliable Alternatives

Well, I’m going to list these liposuction alternatives in the order of the degree of “safety” and “reliability” each has:

1. Exercise & Diet

This is one of the best surgery alternatives that’s consistently sitting at the top because this combo is the most natural and the most effective to battle the fat-stores in your body.

I give thumbs up for this.

I implore you – before you even consider liposuction or even alternatives to it, try exercise and a healthy diet first, to get rid of the fat from your specific areas.

Though you can’t spot-reduce (as your body can’t get rid of fat selectively), the overall impact of exercise (particularly cardio exercise) will get you to burn off excess fat overall and you’ll lose weight.

The same applies to eating a healthy diet. You lose weight off your entire body.

You tend to shy away from this combo because they mean hard work and aren’t instantaneous like liposuction.

I want to encourage you – though the combo takes a bit of work and time before you see results, it’s the safest and results are permanent (so long as you stick to life long exercise).

The tricky part of liposuction (items 3-6 below) is this – you still need to exercise and eat healthy to keep the weight off anyway.

This is because your body still gains weight, even when fat cells are gone from specific areas.

My point is, why not do exercise and eat healthy from the very beginning?

2. Acceptance of your Body

Accept the way your body looks like, as it is. Don’t compare it with those glamorous bodies of celebrities in photos or pictures or on TVs.

You as an individual, have genetic limits and shortcomings. And liposuction might not get you the body contour you want…

Know and love your body; don’t fall into the trap of the “perfect body” syndrome. Follow your own healthy body image that suits you best.

This definitely is a more reliable and healthy alternatives.

(P/S: I’ve said this – liposuction isn’t a way to make you lose weight; it’s merely a cosmetic surgery to shape your body to a better contour.

Your fat may return if you continue to indulge in unhealthy diet with no exercise)

3. Lipodissolve

Lipodissolve is a drug cocktail that the surgeon injects into a specific “problem area”. The drug would melt away fat cells which you then flush from your body through urine.

It claims to be effective for shaping the face (especially the chin and neck area) as well as all parts of your body and reportedly also helpful in reducing cellulite.

But I don’t think it’s a proven alternative to liposuction since it doesn’t seem to “debulk” the fat that may be buried deep within.

4. Mesotherapy

This is very much similar to lipodissolve as the surgeon also injects solutions into your specific “problem area” but this time he or she uses mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which work to break down the fat and tighten the skin.

The solution breaks down fat cells in skin that contains the most fat cells. The fat cells explode and die, thus reducing the unsightly fat deposits in your “problem areas”.

Not a very reliable alternative, yet still worth considering as it is less invasive.

5. Thermage

This technique melts away excess fat with the use of a heated laser that causes your collagen to tighten.

It’s said to be effective in tightening skin on the face and also other areas of the body.

6. Seaweed Wraps & Cellulite Massages

You find these 2 treatments very common in spas and health clubs, which claim to help break up your fat cells and remove them from your body. However, these 2 techniques aren’t proven and if results do show, they’re short-lived.

For instance, take the seaweed wrap.

It stimulates your blood circulation, increases your metabolism (to lose weight) and gets rid of your body’s toxins. Because of all these “deluge”, that’s why you seem to lose an inch or two, there and then. After a day or two, you’re back to square one.

Sweat, Exercise & Diet: Always the Best Alternative

What I’m Saying is that Nothing can quite beat the old Fashion Sweat (Exercise!) and a Healthy diet!

If you really want to have a better body contour… the above-mentioned alternatives to the liposuction surgery claim to be less painful, with shorter recovery time and a lot less of an invasive way than the surgical procedure.

However, don’t get me wrong here! I’m not for them….The obvious reason – you still need to subject your body to drugs and solutions. And God knows what they actually contain…

And I think these techniques merely do some superficial job, hardly touching the fat that’s there in your problem area(s).

You may have results but short-lived ones; after that the fat returns, if you don’t exercise and eat right.

I really believe it’s best you weigh the consequences, results and benefits of your action before you take the plunge…

Thoroughly think through (consider all the pros & cons) if liposuction or any of it’s many alternatives are really necessary. Consider changing your habits and starting a healthy eating and exercise plan today, instead!

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