Friday, November 27, 2020

Non-Surgical (Non-Invasive?) Liposuction Alternatives: Better than Traditional Surgery?


With so many risks and dangers of liposuction surgery, is there a non-surgical low-risk procedure to remove fat?

The answer’s Yes to the first 3: non-invasive, low risk and remove fat (only temporary). But is this the solution to your WEIGHT LOSS problem?

I understand completely your question since you might be scare of the conventional surgical liposuction which carries risks that include infection, scarring and blood clot formation to name a few.

Who wouldn’t, come to think of it?

I can guarantee you this – that the surgeon (s) you consult with, once you express this to him or her, he or she will definitely show you many options and tell you their good “virtues”.

I’d be surprised if the surgeon endorses the combo of exercise and healthy diet first, and tells you it’s the most healthy alternative to liposuction.

Instead, he or she will urge you to undergo the many so-called non-surgical liposuction procedures first. And will only later ask you to add in exercise and a healthy diet (often as an afterthought thing), to “supplement” and keep the results long-lasting.

Again, it’s natural that things happen this way. Remember, the surgeons job is based on people taking these treatments. So expect them to be bias.

What Exactly are these Non Surgical Treatments?

Any idea?

I’ve researched these procedures for days and found that none of them can take the place of exercise and healthy diet, Nothing else but long term lifestyle change can remove the fat and keep it off permanently.

You could argue that exercise and healthy diet don’t work for you, to melt away stubborn fat that clusters around your abs, thighs, buttocks and arms. So, you give the non-surgical approach a shot, thinking it could be your savior.

Right and wrong.

Yeah, liposuction can give you a slimmer and better body contour, no argument there, that’s because it’s what it does basically.

What it doesn’t do and can’t do is to give you a license to eat all-you-can-whatever-you-want and still not gain weight because it isn’t meant to keep you slim forever once you have had it done as it’s the worst tool to help you lose weight.

Surgical or non-surgical, ultimately, you still need to exercise and eat a healthy diet, to keep the results. That’s my finding.

List of Non-Surgical Liposuction Treatment Alternatives

Let’s see what are some of these non surgical procedures.

1. Ultrasonic Sculpturing

Heard it before?

This one removes fat by ultrasound. It uses focused ultrasound waves to break up and eliminate pockets of “stubborn” fat on the abs, thighs, arms and hips.

The surgeon will tell you it’s non-invasive and virtually painless and no downtime for you since you can return to work right after the procedure.

However, what the surgeon doesn’t tell you is that this technique merely smooths superficial fat under the epidermis but can’t remove the fat, as is in surgery liposuction.

It’s also different from using ultrasound under guidance during liposuction surgery, when the surgeon suctions and removes the fat.

You can quickly regain the fat (in 6-9 months) if you don’t exercise and eat healthy.

Another thing I want to caution here.

A study on ultrasound fat removal states that the fat that’s released during the procedure, together with the released fatty acids, have nowhere to go to, so it isn’t a healthy situation, so to speak.

The fatty acids would ultimately be absorbed into the lymphatics and then swept away or oxidized. However, there’s no concrete proof that the released (and stagnating) fat particles would be absorbed in the same way.

Food for thought, huh?

2. Collagenase Injection

This is an enzyme, which claims can destroy the fatty tissue collagen and “proven” to work to get rid of unwanted fat cells when injected into an area with excess fat.

It says that your body just reabsorbs the broken down cells and gets rid of them.

How true is this? Nobody knows.

One danger that could surface is that the enzyme could destroy both the wanted tissue and the unwanted fat.

And I suspect that this one, like the ultrasonic sculpturing technique, just superficially removes the surface fat without debulking the fat that’s in the deeper area.

The results if any, at best, are temporary and you still go back to the basic – the need to exercise and eat a healthy diet, to keep the results.

3. Injection Lipolysis

The surgeon injects a solution into the area treated and the injected pharmaceutical agents break down the fat deposits which get released through sweat, urine or feces, over a period of 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, it claims that you can see the fat loss.

However, studies show that you need to do at least 3 consecutive treatments to ensure “aesthetic improvement.

More money spent, huh?

This technique also claims that the fat typically does not return…

But you know better, right?

New weight gain can build up new fat in the same areas. You still need to regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet to maintain results.

So, what’s new?

4. Gells And Creams


I’m sure you’ve seen TV commercials or encountered sales girls who promote gells and creams of all kinds that purportedly guarantee to melt fat from your body if used over a period of time, or they say the products are one of the best non-surgical liposuction around.

Believe it if you like. Yet one thing is for sure. Having researched this topic for many months and looked at all the evidence for and against. Nothing will replace a good diet and consistent exercise plan.

And by the way, the FDA doesn’t endorse the use of any of these kinds of gels and creams. So, be careful.

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