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Normal, Pathological And Ectopic Pregnancy


By enabling all endocrine functions specific to women, the pregnancy leads to her physical beauty: the skin becomes smoother, her hair is rich and shiny, she has brighter eyes and rounded shapes. Meanwhile, during pregnancy, she reaches the highest degree of mental and emotional balance. The pregnancy exerts influence on the entire family, keeps it unified and it maintains harmony and stability, which on the social aspect is reflected on the entire community.

The pregnancy lasts from the moment of fertilization until birth. It’s called uterine (normal), when the egg is grafted and develops in the uterine cavity, and ectopic, when the grafting is done outside the uterine cavity. The pregnancy lasts for an average of 40 weeks. The birth date is estimated from the last menstrual period date.

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Pathological Pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy, the balance that exists between mother and fetus may rupture resulting in disorders with various manifestations and intensities.

In the first half of the pregnancy, pathological pregnancy is manifested by nausea or vomiting that can sometimes be rebellious to treatment and then saving the mother requires the termination of the pregnancy. The severe forms of vomiting are required to be treated in hospital.

In the second half of pregnancy it is manifested by the appearance of albumin in the urine, edema, increased blood pressure, symptoms that show a renal lesion. A serious form of dis-pregnancy in the last trimester of the pregnancy is the eclampsia, which besides the symptoms described above is characterized by the appearance of seizures similar to the epileptic seizures. During the enclamptic seizure the pregnant woman might bite her tongue, therefore it is recommended as a form of first aid to introduce a spoon queue (preferably wooden), wrapped in gauze,  between the patient teeth until the medic arrives. After that the pregnant women will be placed in a quiet dark room and she will be closely monitored. Sometimes the seizures of eclampsia can cause fetal death. Therefore, after the first aid received at home, the eclamptic pregnant woman will be hospitalized. To prevent eclampsia, the pregnancy disorders should be diagnosed and treated from the early stages.

Ectopic Pregnancy

It results from an abnormal attachment of the egg outside the uterine cavity, most often taking place in different parts of the trunk and rarely on the ovary or the abdominal cavity. The causes that prevent the passage of the fertilized ovum from the uterine tube to the uterine cavity are numerous. The most common causes are the inflammations; therefore the prevention of the ectopic pregnancy lies in avoiding such inflammations by strictly respecting the rules of the sexual hygiene. The presence of the ectopic pregnancy is shown by violent abdominal pain and sometimes by the blood loss through the vagina.

Normal Pregnancy

Although it is an absolutely normal condition, the pregnancy can cause disturbances in the female body that can be avoided by following certain strict rules of hygiene.

First, the doctor is the one who has to confirm the presence or the absence of pregnancy. Then she must find out if her health allows her to keep the pregnancy or not. Finally, regular consultations during pregnancy are required.

The medic monitors the way the pregnancy is being tolerated, preventing and treating all the potential abnormal events. During these consultations the heart of the pregnant woman will be examined in detail because during pregnancy and birth it will have to cope with increased efforts. After that the lungs, kidneys and liver will be examined especially in the women who have had impairment in these organs in the past. In addition, laboratory tests are performed regularly.

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