Friday, February 26, 2021

Nucca Adjustments


You may be wondering, what the heck is a Nucca Adjustment? As strange as the phrase may be, let me assure you that the results it obtains are nothing short of miraculous. Nucca is a specialized form of chiropractic treatment. The letters stand for “National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association”.

Many years ago my grandmother traveled from Connecticut all the way to Lancaster, Pennsylvania so she and her friends could get a Nucca Adjustment. As you can imagine doctors who knew the technique were few and far between back then. My dad traveled with her and he recalls reading the testimonials in Dr. Coder’s office. One stuck in his mind and he relayed it to me.

A patient with a large and aggressive tumor came for help. After several adjustments, the tumor began to shrink and it eventually disappeared. My dad had a hard time drawing the relationship between the tumor and the adjustment. We later learned that Nucca treatment is designed to correct upper cervical misalignment which can interfere with the messages sent from the brain to the body organs. Once the correct adjustment is made and the cervical is back in line, the brain and body parts can communicate with each other again.

I know it sounds fishy but after having the treatment myself and seeing my results, I have no doubts. You will find some doubters online but I feel that with over 50 years of collective experience (my mother, father and me) and having seen what it can do for friends and having read literally hundreds of testimonials I know that this technique is worthy of your consideration.

Let’s explore this topic in some detail. Here’s the science behind it. The picture that follows shows an upper cervical (the bones directly under the head and on top of the spinal column) misalignment, causing the tilt of the head. The picture is exaggerated for effect. In most cases you cannot see the head tilted. There is an easy way to tell if your upper cervical is out of adjustment.

Stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Close your eyes and relax. Breath in and out and let your arms relax along your sides. Do not try to position your head in any way except let it relax. After 10-15 seconds open your eyes and look at your shoulders. Is the left one on the same line as the right. Is one lower than the other? If so, you have a misaligned upper cervical. This test is not 100 % accurate. So if you pass the test you can still have cervical issues. The more the shoulder dips on one side the worse the upper cervical distortion is. Other symptoms that indicate upper cervical problems: lower back pain, any type of neck pain, shoulder and neck muscle tightness and soreness.

The next picture shows how the lower back reacts to this misalignment:

Again don’t expect to see people walking around in a tilted posture. The dip is slight and hard to see but it is there and it has a profound affect on your health. This is a very simplified pictorial showing the basic issue that Nucca doctors deal with. Once it is determined that you have an upper cervical challenge then a set of x-rays are taken. Usually 5 x-rays of the front and sides are needed, so all angles can be looked at. The doctor measures the degrees of rotation and determines the exact position of the Atlas Subluxation Complex or point where the bones are out of place. The focus is on C-1 or the Atlas (this is the top most bone under the head) Then an exact adjustment is made usually using the hands as this next picture shows. The pressure exerted is very slight. There is no pain or discomfort.

Nucca focuses on C-1, the Atlas

After the adjustment is made the doctor checks leg lengths. If both legs are the same length then the adjustment is considered a success. The neck and spine are aligned at this point. Further checking in follow-up visits is used to ensure that the adjustment is holding. For some, a few treatments does it, for others it may take many months.

A good YouTube video showing how the adjustment is made:

Another great video explaining Nucca in some detail by Dr Roger Goodman:

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association can be contacted at: The web site is:
The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
5353 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 350

Minneapolis, MN 55416

toll free 800.541.5799 office 952.564.3056 fax 877.558.0410

You can use the web site to search for a doctor in your state or town, and it has loads of great information. Virtually every disease you can name has responded favorably to this incredible Chiropractic technique.

Ever wonder why two people with the same disease, using the same treatment, respond so differently. Perhaps it has to do with the upper cervical. If the brain cannot communicate with the body organs, healing can’t take place. For optimum results, having a massage just before the adjustment helps it hold. Many Nucca doctors have this massage option in their office.

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