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Obesity & Alternative Treatments


Lifespan & Obesity

Weight is affected by many factors like age, sex, race, food and geological environment. For seasonal changes, it starts to gain from autumn through winter and lose from spring to summer. Even during the day, it fluctuates by the factors like food intake, sweat, urine and feces, etc: for these reasons, daily weight changes up to 1.4kg; during the menstruation, up to 2kg. Weight must be kept constant. When changing all of a sudden, it should be doubted. Ordinarily, the entire life span of mammal is five to seven times longer than its period of growth. With this theory, human can live up to the age of 170. There are reportedly two main factors that affect human life span: hereditary and environmental ones. However, it has historically been a mysterious conundrum.

From the statistical point of view, the factors like the diseases in cardiovascular and respiratory system or tumor account for 75% of the reasons of death in the old people. These three diseases, be it hereditary or environmental, are very close and commonly related with obesity. Obese people are about 5 times more vulnerable to the disease in the coronary artery than who aren’t; 13 times susceptible to heart dysfunction.

According to a study done in the U.S., every 0.45kg over the standard and desired weight for the people of over 45 shortens the life span up to 29 days. When gaining 4.5kg over the designated weight, the death rate increases up to 8%; 9kg-13.5%, 13.5kg-28%, 22.7%-56%. A Japanese insurance company is even applying the different rate of insurance bill by the weight of its customers. It is also allegedly said that in China, among the people over the ages of 100, not a people is fat. Obesity is the archenemy of mankind.

Ayurveda, helpful for losing weight

Since its introduction, Ayurveda, a natural meditation therapy from India, has been becoming more and more famous in that it is very helpful for improving health in daily life. Ayurveda, that has five thousand years of history, is an all-round medical system established in India. Its main principle is that human body, which is made of five core elements(empty space, soil, water, fire and air), has the built-in power to control any types of disease. In view of Ayurveda medical therapy, all the diseases, except contagious and hereditary ones and especially when they are chronic, are caused by toxic material accumulated in the human body for so long a time. Therefore, it emphasizes that those material should first be evacuated from the body.

Having much to share with oriental medicine, Ayurveda is being broadly used when treating various disease: especially effective for those like obesity, constipation and the disease caused by pent-up rage.

There are two ways of oil therapy for treating obesity:

  • (1) controlling appetite with the aroma of oil;
  • (2) melting fat under the skin with massaging the oil on the designated area.

The three advantages of Ayurveda oil treatment for obesity are:

  • (1) no pain,
  • (2) simple with just massaging,
  • (3) polishing the skin. Other than these, there is no side effect: 100% pure plant oil dissolves toxic material and evacuates it through sweat.

Obesity, from malfunctioning of internal organs

For people who have experienced starvation or dearth in their lifetime, getting fat doesn’t mean a disease but an object of envy. However, time has changed everything: getting fat is no more welcomed; even feared and abhorred with being ‘No.1’ enemy to most people. Oriental medicine calls obesity “Bi-seup-jeung”, fat’s saving and accumulation under the skin. The causes of obesity are classified mainly into two factors: outer and inner one. Outer factors are indolence, lack of exercise and over supply of nutrition; inner one is the decline of internal organ’s fat dissolving ability.

When obesity occurs,

  • (1) resisting power against disease declines,
  • (2) fat keeps the waste matter from oozing out of skin ending up making body hot, which easily brings out fatigue,
  • (3) it’s hard to do exercising enough to burn the fat with its continuous accumulation.

When it is aggravating, there follow diseases ranging from heart trouble and hypertension, both of which are circulatory malfunction, to geriatric diseases like bronchitis, eczema, varicose veins, sexual disinclination(male) and menstrual irregularity. Obesity due to outer factors are treated with dietary treatment and regular exercise.

Here are the treatments for it:

  • (1) “Dae-si-ho-tang” for suffocating chest as well as excretion problem
  • (2) “Si-ho-ga-yong-gol-mo-ryo-tang” for palpitating, suffocating chest, sexual disinclination
  • (3) “Dae-hwang-mok-dan-pi-tang” for lessened menstruation and menopause.

Diet & Water

Does drinking much water at table reduce, with satiety, the intake of food and help go on a diet? Contrary to the public notion, those who drink much water at table are generally more fat than who are not.

How come water, with no calories in it, make people obese? The reason is abrupt soaring of the value of glucose. If the value rises, insulin gets activated, and glucose is changed into fat by insulin.

Therefore, water at table initiates obesity; fruits over 90% juiciness directly motivate it. Other than sugar, water do more fundamental role. However, the water in the vegetable has nothing to do with obesity because it is ejected through the small intestine.

Then how about drinking it before meals? Water is absorbed into the bowels and used necessarily in blood. In the mean time, the kidney should burn much energy during the absorption and ejection of water with ending up making body slimmer.

According to “Dong-eui-bo-gam”, one of the leading oriental medicine books, water as a form of energy has a pharmacological value. Water, with no energy in itself, is mainly used in metabolism which is wholly energy consuming. Drink it in-between thirsty more than 1.5 liter a day. Avoid it half or an hour before meals. In doing so, human can lose more weight per month.

Acupuncture Fat Loss

There is an old oriental saying, ‘Excelling ones master’. Those things happened in western countries that has learned the oriental medicine from the orient: ‘Ear-acupuncture treatment’ and fat-dissolving acupuncture. The former is originated in France from the idea that the shape of ear is similar to that of a crouching conceptus. Then, the ‘traditional method of acupuncture on human body’ is applied to the ears. For now, ‘Ear-acupuncture treatment’ is well and broadly known to serve for some special purposes: obesity, quit-smoking or quit-drinking.

Unlike the former, the fat-dissolving one is also using the modern electric stimulus. Pinning some needles on the area like abdomen, hips, legs, forearm and face where fat gets easily accumulated, the electric stimulation around 50Hz is applied. The stimulus through the needle forms potential difference in and out of fat cell membrane, activating the flow of electrolyte, which finally helps dissolve the fat. If energy gets consumed by aerobic exercise at that time, fat can vividly be used off as fuel.

To burn the fat by physical exercise, it is important to keep the proper oxygen intake. When feeling hard to breath during the excessive exercise, carbohydrate burns instead of fat. One of the most effective way to lose weight is to walk for over an hour with 60% of intensity at one’s maximum heart rate(220 minus one’s age)

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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