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Obesity In Women Increases The Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer


The most important in having a normal weight is not only to look great, but also feel good and be healthy. An excess, or even a surplus of body weight can be a harmful factor for our body and this harm can manifest in several ways.

What Is Obesity?

The excess weight (overweight) and obesity – these terms are defined as an abnormal and excessive accumulation of fat which harms the health of one’s body. When the caloric intake exceeds the energy consumption of a person, his or her body stores the excess calories in fat cells present in fat tissue. These fat cells function as energy reservoirs and will grow larger or smaller, depending on how much energy that person consumes If we don’t keep a balance between the calorie regime (input) and the energy consumption (output) by adopting healthy eating habits and physical activity – then the fat will accumulate and we risk to become obese.

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The Link Between Obesity And Pancreatic Cancer

The obese women who show a distribution of surplus fat especially in the abdominal area are 70 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer, said a team of researchers from several countries.

These findings appear to be among the first evidence that there is a connection as strong in both men and women between obesity and contracting pancreatic cancer , Juhua Luo at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and his colleagues from the British Journal of Cancer said.

“We found that the risk of developing pancreatic cancer was significantly increased in obese postmenopausal women, who show a surplus of fat especially in the groin area,” she said in a statement. “Obesity is a major problem to be prevented, so it is very important that women are informed about this major increase in the risk of having pancreatic cancer.”

Pancreatic cancer is the 5th cause of death caused by cancer worldwide. Only 2 percent of all cancers diagnosed during the year are represented by the cancer in this location but a first-year survival rate is less than 5 percent, according to Johns Hopkins at the University in Baltimore.

Until now, smoking and chronic pancreatitis were the best known risk factors  for the cancer of the pancreas, in both women and men.

In a study of scale, known as the Women’s Health Initiative, Luo and her colleagues evaluated more than 138,000 women at menopause in the United States for a long period of seven years to investigate the links between obesity and getting pancreatic cancer. They found that 251 women developed the disease, of which 78 recorded the highest diameter of waist and hip.

The discoveries also suggests that the excess fat around the waist may predict the disease better than the traditional body mass index as a form of measuring obesity, the researchers said.

They also suggested that obesity is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer by affecting insulin levels and that diabetes should also play a very important role. Obesity is one of the main risk factors for diabetes as well.

Repeated studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of onset of certain cancers, including colon and breast cancer , as well as cardiovascular diseases and other pathological situations.


  1. Kerry S,

    Also cancer of the colon!

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    First of all, symptoms vary a lot. They can be anything from a pain in your stomach to the inability to use the bathroom. However, one of the main things that you need to watch for is, of course, blood in your stools. When you have blood in your stools, that is never a good sign. There is always a good chance that the blood came from your anus, and if that is the case, then you more than likely have a cut or tear in your anus. This is somet

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