Sunday, May 26, 2019

Oklahoma City for Vegans!


You might not think “vegan” when you think Oklahoma City, OK, but rest assured if you are traveling to Oklahoma City, you will happy to know there are some options for you.

105 degrees:

Who would have guessed that one of the worlds best raw restaurants is in Oklahoma City? I was fortunate to go to 105 degrees soon after they opened. It is a really cool spot. There are tons of raw vegan options, every thing from appetizers to desserts and even a small store with things to take home (like raw ice cream). I picked up a green smoothie while I was waiting for 3 dishes to finish. They were really helpful in picking out things. I was getting lunch for my Grandparents, and really wanted something on the safe side.

I went with the lasagna, sushi and a ‘mash potato’  and Portobello dish. For dessert I picked up some chocolate ice-cream. Every thing was perfect and really fantastic tasting. My Grandparents really enjoyed the meal, which is saying a lot.

It’s definitely a must if you happen to be in Oklahoma City.

The Earth Cafe:

It is in Norman, which wasn’t really that much of a drive from OKC – and more than likely you’ll have a car while you are in Oklahoma City. It’s a small little cafe in the college town of Norman. There are a lot of vegan options, and every thing that we had was wonderful. All of the breakfast items are really spectacular. I was really impressed with the menu and how accommodating they are – it is not all vegan (all vegetarian though) and everyone seemed really knowledgeable. I couldn’t find the actual website for them – so you’ll have to trust me on this one. They have a lot of breakfast and lunch options – and is a great place to get something to go as well.

Akins Natural Food Market:

This is a great grocery store with a lot of great vegan products. I did most of our shopping here (we were staying with relatives). It’s a good stop for the essentials. If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to ask for a mini-fridge (trick of the trade, tell them you have medication that needs to be kept cold). And then head to Akins for things like your non dairy milk, tofu and breads.

Cool Greens:

Not all vegan – but some great vegan options. They also have a build your own option which is great. All fresh and all good.

Green Goodies by Tiffany.

If you are looking for cupcakes, this is your place! It is not all vegan – but there are TONS of vegan options. And it’s completely a peanut free place – so if you have kids with allergies (or husband in my case) this is the place for you.

And if none of that works, I’m pretty sure I could give you my amazing Uncle’s telephone number and he’d figure something out to cook for you


  1. heather

    That’s awesome to know that there’s a raw food restaurant in Oklahoma City! Thanks!!

  2. tomas

    Vivid and intelligent discussion, I wait for further articles. I have subscribed to this blog feed. greetings.


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