Saturday, March 6, 2021

Olivia Wilde: Vegan / Vegetarian Detox Diet Plan & Exercise


Olivia Wilde really has the perfect Hollywood body and keeps in shape all year round with no problems. So how does she do it?

Diet Plan

PETA’s sexiest vegetarian Olivia Wilde has flirted with going full vegan at times and finds that eating meat is the food that makes her fat.

And it’s not just the meat, it’s everything else that goes with it. By eliminating meat from her diet, Olivia believes she is now in the healthiest shape of her life/

So what does Olivia Wilde eat?

She loves to eat berries, and all kinds of fruits, as well as nuts, seeds, legumes and soy. She chooses rice milk over regular cows milk and vegan sour creme, almond milk and many other safe, natural alternatives.

The vegan and vegetarian diet alike can be healthy for many. Yet you really need top test it out for yourself to see how you go. You may want to consult a doctor just the same way as if you were going to commence other similar diet plans like the Keto Diet, which can really go either way.

For some people, like Olivia Wilde, the vegan and vegetarian diet gives her all the calorie and nutrition needs. While keeping her slim and attractive year round. Yet for others it may well not have the same effect.

Workout Routine

Olivia Wilde works out with her trust personal trainer, Patrick Murphy. Patrick Murphy is known for never repeating a workout with any of his clients and instead creates a custom workout plan for each.

For Olivia he works to make sure she is hitting all the key areas, like flexibility, strength and stamina, while also adding exercises to improve her beautiful figure/

Lower body exercises are a focus point like lunges and squats. These ensure that Olivia keeps her beautiful bottom in shape and lovely legs, while also providing a full body workout.

Adding to these are things like plyometrics which are vigorous, often jumping, movements. Things like jumping lunges and jumping squats are again at the top of the list.

She also does a lot of walking and cardio on the days that she is not working out. She has two white dogs that she likes to walk and that also gets her outside in the sun and some fresh air in her lungs.

Overall with the exercise that Olivia Wilde does, along with simply living a healthy active lifestyle, she has kept her body in great shape.

Olivia Wilde Comments

How does Olivia Wilde maintain her shape with diet and exercise? Let us know your thoughts!


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