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Online Anatomy Courses


Many programs of study require you to take a Human Anatomy course – which could be known by many other names. For example, doctors take Human Anatomy while obtaining their education, but massage therapists also take Human Anatomy as part of their training program as well. Often, however, you don’t actually have to attend school to get this course out of the way.

Many people opt to get Human Anatomy course requirements out of the way during the summer months, or before they begin a training program. This is because Human Anatomy is usually a very difficult course, which requires a great deal of study time. When taken alone, without other courses, it becomes much easier, but when it is mixed in with a variety of other courses – for which you must also devote time and energy – it becomes very difficult.

This is why more and more people are turning to online Anatomy courses as an easier solution. The key here is to choose a course from an accredited school, and to make sure that your school or program will accept the credit from that school for the anatomy course – so that you aren’t forced to take it again. Often, if you are attending a university or college that offers distance courses or online courses, you will find that you can take your anatomy courses through that school, ensuring that the credit will be accepted.

You should also note that many online anatomy classes will require that you have completed other courses first, such as specific biology courses. If you have not completed those courses, you will of course need to do that first, and those courses may or may not be available online. Make absolutely certain that you’ve met the requirements for the course, and that the course will be accepted for credit in the program of study that you are in, or will be in.

Online Courses Information

Course Title: Online Anatomy & Physiology Course
Name of Company: Corexcel
Location: 201 Webster Building, 3411 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Description: Corexcel offers a complete and comprehensive online Anatomy & Physiology course, which is fully accredited. This is a very reasonably priced course, at $318, and there are four payment options available.

Course Title: Applied Anatomy
Name of Company: Oklahoma State University
Location: Kerr Lane, Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States
Description: Oklahoma State University offers many of their courses online. The Applied Anatomy course does require that the student has taken and passed Biology 1114. Advanced Applied Anatomy is also available.

Course Title: Vertebrate/Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 432)
Name of Company: California Polytechnic State University
Location: San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Description: While this course covers all beings with vertebrates, the focus is primarily on human anatomy. The student must take and pass BIO 361 prior to taking this course, or obtain consent from the instructor.

Course Title: BIOL 212 Human Anatomy
Name of Company: San Diego State University
Location: College of Sciences, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, California, United States
Description: This course requires the successful completion of Biology 100 or Biology 203 first. The course includes two lectures and six hours of laboratory, and covers the anatomy of the organ systems in the human body.

Course Title: Basic Human Anatomy (ANAT 1010.03 Section 02)
Name of Company: Dalhousie University
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Description: This course is available completely online, and covers gross anatomy and histology of the human body. The course is offered during the fall, winter, and summer terms.

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