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Online Color Therapy Courses


Many people believe that color therapy is the use of colors, from a visual standpoint, in an effort to have an impact on our moods, our outlook, and our lives as a whole. The truth is that color therapy is much more than that and you can learn this with online color therapy courses. Color therapy is considered to be a complementary medicine, to be used with other types of healing and therapies.

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Color therapy also believes strongly in the use of light, and how we absorb it. It also focuses on how our brains deal with this light, and how our brains assign color to that light. It is believed that this light, it’s absorption, and how our brain assigns color to it has a profound impact on our entire lives, including our health, our mental state, and our emotional state.

Through color therapy, color imbalances are discovered and rectified to improve our overall well being. Techniques that are commonly used in color therapy include the use of different colors in clothing; the use of light therapy, colored fluids in a person’s living area, and even breathing exercises.

Typically, when a person seeks a career in color therapy, they also provide other types of therapy services as well. Often, they will combine several different therapy types when treating clients. Most people who work in this field are self employed, and they often build their businesses through word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients.

The length of time that it takes to train as a color therapist will vary from one program to another, but certification should be offered through the program that you choose. Again, it is always wise to offer other types of therapies in your practice as well. The income derived from color therapy varies from one location to another, and depends greatly on other therapy services that you offer.

Recommended Color Therapy Courses

Course Title: Spectropathy

Company Name: Spectropathy
Location: 2356 Darks Mill Road, Columbia, Tennessee, United States
Description: This is an indepth course that completely covers healing from light and color. There are four sessions that make up the course.

Course Title: Color Therapy Diploma Course

Company Name: Gatlin Learning, Inc.
Location: 109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Description: This is a distance learning course, and it includes eight complete lessons, as well as tutor support.

Course Title: Colour Therapy Course

Company Name: Stonebridge Associated Colleges
Location: United Kingdom
Description: This is an eight lesson course, resulting in a Colour Therapy Diploma and a Level 3 Colour Therapy Award. No previous education or experience is required.

Course Title: Colour Therapy Training

Company Name: Colours of the Soul
Location: PO Box 461, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 4DZ, United Kingdom
Description: This is an online program that will teach you how to use color for therapeutic purposes through workshops and courses.

Course Title: Biorhythm Seminar and Color Harmonics Courses

Company Name: Serenity Institute
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Description: The Serenity Institute offers numerous courses that involve the use of color for therapeutic purposes.

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