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Online Healthcare Administration Degree


Health care administration encompasses many roles in the health care setting.  Those with degrees are prepared for administrative positions in hospitals, outpatient facilities, long term care facilities, physicians’ offices, mental health care organizations, insurance companies, public health care organizations and any other health care setting.  They are educated in project management, teamwork and leadership.  As health care administrator you will be responsible for the business management of the health care facility that employees you.  Whether you are managing an entire facility or a specific department you will hire and supervise the staff, create and implement policies and procedures, be responsible for the finances of the facility or department and coordination of health care with your staff or other managers.

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The health care industry continues to grow and with that growth the need for skilled leadership, administrators who are able to manage the aspects of day to day operations of doctor’s offices, hospitals, long term care facilities and other health care organizations grows.  Health care administration salaries vary depending on the geographical location, level of education, work experience and the size of the company.  Entry level salaries average $57,240 annually.  With education and experience salaries can reach the $94,780 annual range.  Salaries for the highest ten percent of health services administrators reach $127,830 or more.

An associate or bachelor degree will prepare you for entry level positions.  To obtain a higher salary and increase your range of opportunities consider the master’s degree programs in health care administration.  It is common for health professionals to pursue health care administration degrees after years of clinical practice in other fields.

Online education is given to prepare students for development and implementation of successful management strategies across the health care sector.  Studies include industry specific business skills and knowledge in relation to finance management, strategic planning, human resources, marketing, and quality improvement and information management of the health care setting.  Managerial skills necessary to facilitate team work and build cross functional teams with collaborative decision making are taught to the students.  In depth studies of how the various dynamics such as legal, regulatory, political and public policy and ethics impact health service organizations and how they are managed.

Degree Resources

Course Title:  Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration
Name of Company:  University of Phoenix
Location: 3157 E. Elwood Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States
Description:  Students focus on health care organizations, public policy, and the various roles of health care professionals, financial management, information technology and regulatory issues of the health care industry.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration
Name of Company:  Columbia Southern University
Location:  21982 University Lane, Orange Beach AL, 36561, United States
Description: Ideal for adults who need to continue to work while furthering their education. You earn your degree at home or at the office at your pace and convenience.

Course Title: BS Health Care Administration
Name of Company:  University of Northwestern Ohio
Location:  1441 N. Cable Rd, Lima, Ohio 45805, United States
Description: Preparing students upon completion to work across the health care continuum by delivery of nontraditional education of management knowledge and skills for the health care industry.

Course Title:  Health Care Administration – Bachelor of Arts (Online)
Name of Company:  Ashford University – Online
Location: 400 North Bluff Blvd, Clinton, IA 52732
Description:  Prepares the student to pursue a variety of positions in health care administration. This program offers an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach to reflect the realities of all aspects of the health care system.

Course Title:  BS in Health Care Administration
Name of Company:  Grand Canyon University
Location:  3300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017
Description:  Undergraduate professional degree program designed to prepare the student for entry level supervisory roles in the health care setting or organization.

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