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Online Medicinal Herbs Course


As more and more people seek natural methods of healing, becoming an herbalist, or a Master Herbalist, could prove to be quite lucrative. It is important to note that as a Master Herbalist, you are not qualified or in a position to diagnose medical conditions. Instead, it is your job to suggest herbal alternatives to medications that are used. Your clients should approve those suggestions with their doctor before proceeding, and this is a very important aspect of your role as a Master Herbalist.


Most Master Herbalist will go on to receive a degree as an Holistic Practitioner, but then again, in most states in the United States, this still does not approve you to diagnose or treat medical conditions. You need to find out what the requirements concerning herbalism, from a professional standpoint, are in your state before you enter this field, or before you practice this type of healing.

You can, as an herbalist, choose to suggest herbs to your clients that will help to prevent specific health problems, or to address minor conditions. Again, you should advise your clients to check with their doctor first, as you will most likely not have a clear picture of all of the health problems that an individual is experiencing when they approach you for a solution.

Many herbalists work with doctors in their area, as the need arises – specifically doctors who believe in more natural health remedies than chemical based medications and treatments. Most herbalists are self employed. Herbalists can often find work in wellness centers that often use at alternative forms of healthcare.

It is impossible to state how much you might earn as a Master Herbalists, because there is no way to judge the number of clients that you might have in a private practice, what an institution might pay for your services, or what other education you may possess. Most herbalists, however, are not in this field for the money, but due to a strong desire to help others in the most natural way possible.

Online Medicinal Herbs Course Resources

Course Title: Master Herbalist

Name of Business: NHC Natural Healing College
Location: Online, United States
Course Description: This distant learning course will help you to learn how to use medicinal herbs for the prevention and treatment of diseases and illnesses, as well as the herbal counterpart to over-the-counter medications.
Resources: http://www.naturalhealingcollege.com/master-herbalist-degree.htm

Course Title: Professional Herbalist Course

Name of Business: East West School of Planetary Herbology
Location: P.O. Box 275, Ben Lomond, California, United States
Course Description: This is a 36 lesson distance course that will prepare those who desire a career as a professional herbalist. As a student, you will also receive a complimentary one year membership in the American Herbalists Guild.
Resources: http://www.planetherbs.com/herbal-courses/professional-herbalist-course.html

Course Title: Various Medicinal Herbs Programs

Name of Business: North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Inc.
Location: P.O. Box 20512, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Course Description: Through this organization, you can participate in the Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism, Herbal Safety, Fundamentals of Herbal Formulation, Materia Medica Intensive, and more.
Resources: http://naimh.com/

Course Title: Master Herbalists Program

Name of Business: Global College of Natural Medicine
Location: 250 Natural Bridges Drive, Santa Cruz, California, United States
Course Description: This is a 500 hour course, and the student has 12 months to complete the program. Additionally, 80% of the tuition that you pay for this program can later be applied to the Holistic Health Practitioner Program.
Resources: http://www.gcnm.com/master-herbalist-program.html

Course Title: Master Herbalist

Name of Business: Trinity School of Natural Health
Location: 810 S. Buffalo Street, Warsaw, Indiana, United States
Course Description: This course requires 560 hours to complete, and the course examines uses of herbs today and in history.
Resources: http://www.trinityschool.org/programs.php?id=6

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