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Online Numerology Courses


Numerology is an interesting and exciting career, and learning numerology is fairly easy. One of the nicest things about this career choice is that formal education is not required, in many cases you can learn the basics free of charge, and it can easily be combined with numerous other careers. You can even take an online course in numerology.

Careers and skills that complement numerology very nicely include astrology, psychic services, tarot readings, alchemy, and more. In most cases, numerology is combined with some other divinatory services. No state licensing is required for numerology, but you may need a business license to offer services in your state or area.

There are also different ways that numerology is used. With some systems, each number is assigned a meaning, while in other systems each number may be assigned a letter. Numerology may be applied to numerous aspects of a person’s life and help to determine many things, such as career choices, marriage choices, and other important choices.

A prime example of the different numerology systems is Pythagorean, which uses a person’s birth information, such as the date and time, to determine certain aspects of that person’s personality and the best path for that person in different aspects of life. Chinese Numerology, on the other hand, works very differently, assigning certain meanings to each number. You must decide which system of numerology appeals to you the most, and which you feel will appeal to your clients the most.

The amount of income that you will derive as a numerologist depends on several different factors, such as whether other services are offered, the area where you offer services, the demand for your services, and more. Those who work in major metropolitan areas, or offer confidential services to high end clients tend to earn the most money, and if you are good at what you do, you can expect repeat business. In fact, some people believe so strongly in numerology that they seldom make any major changes or decisions in their lives without first consulting their numerologist.

Course Name: Numerology Basics
Company Name: HeartCore Corporation
Location: 26828 Maple Valley Highway, PMB 278, Maple Valley, Washington, United States
Description: This is a free, online course that includes 21 lessons. You can access the lessons for free, without signing up.

Course Name: Various Numerology Training Programs
Company Name: Decoz Numerology
Location: 7412 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., #102, Portland, Oregon, United States
Description: This company specializes in numerology software more than actual numerology instruction, but with the software, you can learn everything that there is to know about numerology.

Course Name: Free Numerology
Company Name: Free Numerology Study Guide
Location: Online, United States
Description: This is a site that actually includes a member’s area, and is free. Here, you will find all of the information and materials that are needed for numerology.

Course Name: Numerology 101
Company Name: Universal Class
Location: 10150 Highland Manor Drive, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida, United States
Description: This is an online course, which is self-paced. You can take up to six months to complete the course. There are 11 lessons available, and you can earn 1 continuing education credit from this course.

Course Name: Numerology Made Simple
Company Name: Numerology Made Simple
Location: Online, Worldwide
Description: This is a course that is taught with the aid of an ebook. The ebook will give you a simple and basic understanding of numerology and how to apply numerology to life.

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