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Online Pharmacy Technician Schools


If you want to work in a pharmacy, without putting in six years of school to become a pharmacist, or if you need to start earning a living before you can complete six years of higher education, you should consider becoming a Pharmacy Technician. You can obtain your education for this profession by utilizing Pharmacy Technician Schools which now have a presence online.

Pharmacy behind the desk

Technically, education higher than high school is not required to become a Pharmacy Technician. With that said, however, a higher education is preferred, and this is what more or less guarantees you employment in this field. More and more training opportunities are popping up online and in traditional higher education settings as well. You can hope to find a job at a Pharmacy that offers on-the-job training instead, but these opportunities are far and few between.

It is also important to note that while most states do not have education requirements for this field, they do require certification through a state board exam. Most pharmacies will also require that you have this certification even if the state did not require it, and recertification is required every two years. Surprisingly, few people think of this field as a permanent career, using it only as a stepping stone to another more advanced field, such as becoming a Pharmacist. Because of this, there is a huge turnover in this field, with many opportunities available.

People who work in this field work in privately owned pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and in pharmacies that are specifically located in hospitals, nursing homes, and other patient care facilities. Pharmacy Technicians are essentially aids to the Pharmacist. They will relate directly with customers, take prescription requests, label bottles, tend to inventory, and a variety of other tasks.

The pay for this profession appears to be rather low, with the average income being about $10 to $14 per hour. However, you must consider the ease of obtaining the education required for this position when you compare the pay to other fields that require more education.

School Resources

Course Title: Pharmacy Technician
Name of Company: Kaplan University
Location: Davenport, Iowa, United States
Description: This is a certificate program that is available for those already working in the field of pharmacy technology. It is a continuing education program.
Resources: http://www.kaplan.edu

Course Title: Pharmacy Technician
Name of Company: Gatlin Education Services
Location: 109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Description: This is an online certificate program that is offered in partnership with other universities and trade schools.
Resources: http://www.gatlineducation.com/pharmacytechnician.html

Course Title: Online Pharmacy Technician Training Program
Name of Company: Canyon College
Location: 4017 Garfield Avenue, Carmichael, California, United States
Description: This is a six module program offered entirely online. In order to be eligible for the program, you must be a high school graduate or hold a GED, and you must be able to pass the math test satisfactorily.
Resources: http://www.canyoncollege.edu/

Course Title: Pharmacy Training Online
Name of Company: Allied Schools
Location: 22952 Alcalde Drive, Laguna Hills, California, United States
Description: This is an online program that offers full live student support. The school is nationally accredited, and the student is provided with all course materials that are needed.
Resources: http://www.pharmacytrainingonline.com/

Course Title: Pharmacy Technician Training
Name of Company: RX Tech School
Location: Online, United States
Description: This is a fast track program that offers the student certification upon completion of the required courses, and is available online.
Resources: http://www.rxtechschool.com/

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