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Online Phlebotomy Training Schools


Phlebotomy is a respected career choice, which can provide a good living. It also requires very little in the way of education, which makes it a viable option for many. This field is expected to continue to grow for many more years.


A phlebotomist simply draws blood from humans or animals. It is not the job of the phlebotomist to do a full analysis of blood samples that are drawn, but there is some analyzing involved insuring that the blood is appropriate for those tests.  The Phlebotomist must also make sure that the blood is drawn, handled, and stored in an extremely safe way, as there are risks involved in terms of contaminating the sample, as well as in infecting others with harmful diseases.

A Phlebotomist must enjoy working with people, and must also have a caring attitude, as well as a calming nature. Many people are scared of being stuck with a needle, and it is the Phlebotomists job to make the process as easy, painless, and stress free as possible. Phlebotomists must additionally be comfortable working with computers and other lab equipment.

In order to become a Phlebotomist, you must have education. There are certificate programs available, which can take up to eight months to complete, but you can also participate in two year and four year programs. While some required course for a degree can be obtained online, the clinical experience required cannot. Some hospitals and blood banks have on-the-job training available, but this is usually reserved for those who already have formal training and education in other or related medical fields.

As a Phlebotomist, you will work in blood banks, hospitals, doctor’s offices, home health care agencies, and other settings. While the job opportunities are not as common, you can also work in research labs, for pharmaceutical companies, and even for government agencies.

Online Training Schools Resources

Course Title: Phlebotomy Training Online
Name of Company: Phlebotomy Services
Location: PO Box 8354, Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Description: This is an online course that takes just one day to complete. The course is accredited by the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science, and awards eight continuing education units as well.

Course Title: Associate of Science in Allied Health Science
Name of Company: South University
Location: 5355 Vaughn Road, Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Description: Although this degree program is not Phlebotomist specific, the training does qualify you to sit for the Phlebotomist certification exam upon completion.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management
Name of Company: Virginia College Online
Location: 400 Chase Park South, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Description: This four year program is not phlebotomist specific, but does meet the requirements necessary to pursue certification and a career in phlebotomy upon graduation.

Course Title: Associate of Arts in Business Administration with a Concentration in Healthcare Administration
Name of Company: American Intercontinental University
Location: 5550 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 400, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
Description: While this is an administrative program with a focus in healthcare, it does lay the groundwork for students who wish to eventually obtain certification for Phlebotomy.

Course Title: Associate of Science Medical Assisting
Name of Company: Keiser University eCampus Online
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Description: This two year, online program prepares the student as a medical assistant, but also meets the requirements for Phlebotomy certification upon graduation.

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