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Online Physical Education Courses


Whether you are seeking a degree in physical education, or you need to meet high school physical education credit requirements, there are physical education courses to meet your needs online.

Many high school students wish to fulfill their physical education requirements during the summer months, so that they are either able to take other types of classes during the regular school year, or so that they can graduate earlier than expected. For these students, online education courses are not only possible, they are available and they really do meet the requirements for physical education.

Cheating is prevented with the use of logs, and the students really are required to do actual physical exercises outlined by the course. These courses are also approved by the Board of Education in the states that they are offered in.

If you are seeking a career in the field of physical education, you can earn your degree with an online education course as well. There are numerous occupational and career opportunities in the field of physical education, from coaching to physical education instruction to nutritional education.

Typically, working in the field of Physical Education requires a four year college education, which results in either a Bachelor of Science Degree or a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Depending on the state where you intend to teach physical education, there may be additional requirements for teaching certification. However, in most cases, you can meet these requirements through online education courses and other online courses if necessary.

Through these physical education courses, you will usually learn team sports, human development, individual sports, physical education theory, general teaching methods, physical education for the physically impaired, and theories of sport pedagogy. Of course, each program varies as to the courses that are required and available for the degree program.

Finally, with online courses, you can obtain employment at various schools and other facilities, and you can expect to earn anywhere from $24,000 to $34,000 annually.

Courses Information

Course Title: Health Care Studies, Physical Education
Name of Company: Ashford University
Location: 400 North Bluff Blvd, Clinton, Iowa 52732, United States
Description: Offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Care Studies with emphasis in Physical Education. The entire course is available through home and internet study.

Course Title: Bachelor Degree for Physical Activity and Health
Name of Company: Eastern Oregon University
Location: La Grande, Oregon 97850-2899, United States
Description: You can earn one of two bachelor degrees from EOU. You can choose between a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Activity and Health or a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Health. The course program is available completely online.

Course Title: The Personal Fitness Suite
Name of Company: Carone Fitness
Location: Riverton, Utah 84065, United States
Description: This course allows students at the secondary level to satisfy high school level physical education requirements, and is perfect for students who are home schooled or using other alternative education courses. The course is available completely online

Course Title: Physical Education
Name of Company: Florida Virtual School
Location: Suite 200, 2145 Metro Center Blvd, Orlando, Florida, United States
Description: Three physical education courses are available through FLVS, which will satisfy any high school physical education requirements. These courses are Adaptive Physical Education, Fitness Lifestyle Design, or Personal Fitness. The courses are available completely online.

Course Title: Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching
Name of Company: Boston University
Location: (Country, City, State, Address)
Description: Boston University offers a Certificate program online for physical education for graduate students. Courses are not available online for undergraduates.

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