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Onsen Technique


Sufferers of chronic pain can experience prolonged and severe problems as a result of this pain. While there are a number of traditional medical options that can go some way to alleviate the pain (e.g. pain killers), the Onsen Technique focuses on the causes of pain.

By focusing on the underlying causes of pain and working on the correction of the problems causing neuromusculoskeletal pain, the Technique is a more holistic and enduring solution to pain management.

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The Development of the Onsen Technique

The Onsen Technique was developed to provide a means of assessing structural imbalances that can have a great impact in the body’s natural alignment. When an imbalance exists that is causing a deviation, the result is that a range of tissues and muscles in the body become tender and painful. By assessing the problem that causes pain and correcting it, the Technique provides lasting pain relief and reduces the need for strong pain medication.

Pain Management

Using the Onsen Technique, pain management specialists work with the individual to understand the causes of the pain and provide holistic measures for pain management. To this end, the management of pain using the Technique draws together massage, exercise and structural alignment study to provide the means of removing the causes of pain. The philosophy of the Technique is that ‘healthy bodies don’t hurt’. The technique is therefore focused on finding the source of musculoskeletal problems, working on correcting the problems where they occur, not simply focussing on the site of pain.

Pain, tightness of muscles and stiffness can occur at a distance to the actual site that is causing the problem, which is why assessment is a big part of the Onsen Technique. By going to the site of pain and working on correcting the causes, pain management ceases to be about masking the pain with medication (in the way that many painkillers do), but instead the use of the Technique looks at constructive ways to help alleviate pain without chemical assistance.

Advantages & Benefits

A key benefit of this technique is that it is a holistic, natural approach to pain management. Many pain killers that are used in the treatment of chronic pain can be addictive. This makes the use of the Onsen Technique a desirable alternative in those suffering chronic pain. People with this type of pain often need a longer term solution to pain management, one that doesn’t put them at risk of becoming dependent upon pain medication and hence being at risk of becoming addicted.

The use of holistic approaches to pain management can make a dramatic difference on the patient’s quality of life. Treating the cause of pain effectively and addressing any structural deficiencies, whether congenital or caused by illness, injury or accident means that the patient has a chance to truly be free of pain. By applying the principles of the Onsen Technique, the patient may be able to avoid constant reliance upon pain medication and the potential negative side effects of ongoing medicating.

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