Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ontological Coaching


Coaching of individuals in corporate environments and the increase in people seeking out life coaching is reflective of our desire to achieve highly, be our best and find contentment in our everyday lives. Ontological coaching is one of the most up-to-date methods of coaching and it has a strong focus on the way in which we perceive the world and how we communicate with those around us.

Understanding Ontology

Three key facets are the basis of ontology. These three things are our self-perception (our emotions and moods), our verbal self-expression and our non-verbal expressions. Ontological coaching starts with looking at how we perceive our world. The coaching helps us to gain an increased awareness of the reality of our lives and how we look upon that reality and shape it. In the first instance, ontology asks the individual to consider their place in the world and how they feel about their place fit in the world. The outlook of the world that the individual possesses, (their emotional state and moods) is then thought to shape the way in which they communicate to others. This then leads on to the other areas of oncology, which study the way people express themselves verbally and non-verbally (e.g. posture, body language etc).

Emotions & Moods in Ontology

The moods and emotions of an individual can have a significant impact upon the way they feel about work, how they interact with colleagues and how they conduct themselves in private. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to separate mood and emotion from peoples’ actions. Ontological coaching in the workplace then focuses on how to get a better understanding of human emotion and tap positive emotions into the employees work so that they perform better and are an active participant in a productive workplace.

Language Ontology

Expression and communication is a part of a constructive business environment. Productivity and efficiency of a business will be higher when business colleagues are in strong, positive communication on a regular basis. Ontological coaching in language looks at developing strong listening skills and building strong language communication skills in order to be a better leader in the workplace.

Ontology & Body Posture

Communication and language go hand in hand, but body posture and body language are significant facets of communication. Many would suggest that everything a person doesn’t say aloud is said in their posture and subconscious behaviour. Recognising and understanding body posture in ontology helps to shape people to be more successful in communicating and understanding in the workplace. The idea in ontological coaching about body posture is that each of us can improve our mood and have a more receptive and positive outlook with just a few simple shifts in our posture.

Ontological coaching holds many benefits in both professional and personal aspects of our lives. There are undoubted advantages for business people and managers who want to gain deeper insights into how their actions impact upon others and how they can become better business leaders. The application of these same principles into your personal life can equally help you to become a better spouse, partner or parent; as the ability to listen and communicate effectively will be equally positive in your personal relationships.

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