Friday, March 5, 2021

Organic Cotton Tampons, Pads, and Sanitary Liners


If you truly want to be healthy, you need to start using all natural products, instead of products that contain chemicals which may or may not endanger your health. This is also true for feminine products. You should seek out organic cotton tampons, pads, and sanitary liners for better health.


The Dangers of Non-Organic Products

Most women are not aware of the fact that rayon is used in many tampons. Rayon is essentially an asbesto, which does lead to cancer. The Food and Drug Administration, and the makers of these feminine products, would have you believe that this was once a danger, but that this danger no longer exists. That isn’t necessarily true. Rayon produces dioxin, and dioxin is the main culprit. But the FDA says that only ‘trace amounts’ of dioxin are now found in tampons that are manufactured in the United States. Even trace amounts can be dangerous, although they will not admit that.

Additionally, many feminine products are also whitened using chlorine bleach. If you won’t drink chlorine bleach, why would you insert it into your vagina? You shouldn’t, of course! Unfortunately, millions of women are doing this everyday, without realizing it.

Toxic-Shock Syndrome

Tampons and other feminine products that are made from synthetic fibers, and then whitened with chlorine bleach also put you at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS.

TSS was once rare, but now is becoming more common, and it can be fatal. It is caused by a bacterial toxin, and this has been linked to tampon use. This is why you are always advised to use the lowest absorbent tampon that you require – the more absorbent the tampon is, the higher the risk of TSS.

Where to Find Organic Tampons and Other Feminine Supplies

All of this information should be enough to convince you that you need natural products. While it is difficult to find organic tampons, pads, and sanitary liners in stores where you would normally buy the non-organic counterparts, it is possible to purchase these organic products online. The choices include tampons with and without applicators, ultra thin pads, maxi pads, and panty liners. The product that you purchase should be made of all cotton, without Rayon, and they should be chlorine free. If they do not state this, then they probably do not fit the description of organic cotton products.

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