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Organs and Sex in Oriental Medicine


Kidney as a congenital organ

In oriental medicine, kidney is considered to be a congenital organ controlling reproduction, storing of sperm, body growth as well as sex and generative functions. The ups and downs of the organ’s yin and yang has very close relation with, especially, the latter twos. In physiological perspectives, women start menstruation ordinarily at 14, and the generative functions culminate at around 21; for men, nocturnal emission starts at about 16 that means the harmony of yin and yang(sexual affair between the two sexes) can make baby. Above functions of kidney become weakening roughly at 49 for women and 56 for men. In case of women, turn of life and menopause get started thereby lessoning or even zeroing the probability of pregnancy.

In pathological perspectives, there are several types that affect the functions of kidney: people whose kidney is innately weak; early marriage and excessive sexual life; prolific women whose quantity of menstruation is too much or little causing the symptoms like vaginal bleeding, unstable fetal movement during pregnancy and, if severe, abortion or premature birth. For men, due to the disorder of storage function, there appear premature ejaculation, erectile failure and unnoticed or uncontrollable emission of sperm in daytime. Therefore, remedies for the disorders above should start from strengthening kidney.

Heart, the lord of five viscera and six entrails

In oriental medicine, heart is the lord of five viscera and six entrails, which governs and controls the blood vessels and mind. With ki-hyul’s normal and active circulation in the heart, the body and soul also can be kept active and agile. In terms of sex and generative functions, the good blood circulation in the heart leads to timely menstruation and helps women get pregnant; if not, due to the shortage of blood, it could lead to the reverse outcome.

Lung, the controller of ‘ki’ in the body

In oriental medicine, lung is believed to govern all the ‘ki’ in the body and pulse. When its functions are normal, so does the movement of ‘ki & blood’; however, when it’s weak and can’t assemble the pulses in the body, it can have bad influences on spleen, heart, liver and kidney, etc.

Spleen as an acquired organ

In view of oriental medicine, spleen is considered to be an acquired organ and the relation with stomach is thought to be very close. It takes and digests food; carries nutritious materials to the lung and changes them into ‘ki-hyul(blood)’ resin to spread it to all the organ, flesh of four limbs and bones. Therefore, spleen can be said as the source of ‘ki-hyul’. When its function is normal and active, the ‘ki-hyul’ is ceaselessly produced and life can be sustained. When it can’t do what it should do, menstrual ataxia and functional uterine bleeding occur which may cause hard of being pregnant, and if ever, the fetal movement is unstable and the baby grows weak. Other than these, there accompanies descensus uteri.

For men, when the spleen gets weak and loses its functions, it’s hard to control the emission of sperm; hyposexuality may occur; the dampness gets stuck inside and clogs the channels, so the muscles become weak when it prevails in them, ending up with withering of ‘yang’.

Liver & blood circulation and storage

Liver in terms of oriental medicine has broader meaning than viewed from western medicine: it include its functions like blood storage and circulation. Blood is, especially, fundamental factor for women: it is deeply related to menstruation, pregnancy, delivery, secretion of milk, etc.

Proper and active blood circulation in the liver keeps the menstrual cycle regular, helps women get pregnant and deliver healthy baby as well as secrete ample quantity of milk; however, when it is not proper, menstrual cycle and its quantity turns irregular and there may appear menopause, weak baby or deficiency of milk. When the movement of ‘ki’ in the liver is abnormal and produces too much blood, it can cause menstrual irregularity and pain, swelling of breast right before menstruation, which finally develops to hard of being pregnant and of delivery.

For men, when the blood is deficient in the liver, it makes ‘yang’ in the body which is crucial for men’s sexual life weaker; when it is too much, storing function gets disabled and sperm uncontrollably comes out.


Inferred from above, no one can deny that the organs like heart, spleen, liver and kidney should be strong and healthy so that the sex and generative functions do their sacred mission. When ‘ki’ in the kidney is in good condition, there’s nothing to be desired; if not, all diseases can occur from it. Other than the austere life pattern to save ‘ki’ and sperm, herbal medicine should be taken to support it.

For the protection of liver, it’s important to seek the stability of mind and not to be worried or mad; work and rest should be well organized; fatigue, smoking and drinking should be avoided.

Spleen governs transportation and chemical transaction of nutritious materials in the body; its worst enemy is bad dietary patterns like overeating.


  1. Qi

    Ginseng boosts one’s ability to work and retentive faculty; helps recover from the damage done by radiation or starvation; strengthens the resistance power against any disease; cures hangover. Other than above, it increases the rate of growth and agitates gonad; makes the weight of seminal vesicle and ovarium heavier; amplifies the number of semen. Its blood forming capability magnifies the number of red cells and toughens the voracity of white cells. It ameliorates the acidic physical constitution; activates metabolism; balances the physiological faculties. With stimulating the secretion of insulin, it lowers the blood sugar level and keeps the body from being harmed by the fatty liver. Moreover, it’s no wonder ginseng does anti-cancer and anti-stress activities.

    In the oriental medicine, ginseng is usually used with other herbal ingredient in that it is pharmaceutically too strong to be used alone. For example, ginsenf plus Epimedium koreanum is very powerful in treating the weakened sex ability and the menopausal disorder; when taken with honey and ginger, it tickles one’s palate and eases nausea for those whose digestive organs are weak; when mixed with the white of an egg, it is good for cough and pant.

    Among the four physical constitution in view of oriental medicine, ginseng is best fit with ‘so-eum-in’ as it is the herb that produces heat in the body. Therefore, for those who like to drink cold water or who have comparatively much heat in the body or who suffer atophy, it should be avoided.

    Besides above types, when in light cold that is feverish or in other cases that are accompanied with heat, it may be harmful.

  2. Yin.

    In order to experience the sense of stability which corresponded physically, the minimum promotion time is indispensable-like. The phenomenon in which the minimum is not filled is said and it can be called premature ejaculation. But that a standard is also ambiguous. It is because it questions closely after insertion only neither by speed time nor the number of times of reciprocating movement.
    Therefore, it is not greatly different, even if it once calls it premature ejaculation, carries out ejaculation regardless of its intention, or a partner’s wishes cannot be filled in oriental medicine,

    Premature ejaculation calls it the phenomenon of appearing when the male and female’s kidney loses a balance. If the energy of the kidney to govern in-and-out of semen(often calles as essence in oriental medicine) is insufficient, it will be the meaning which the function to store semen becomes weak, and at-will control and carries out ejaculation. premature ejaculation may be the result of frequent masturbation. Because masturbation can break kidney-yin.

    Even if only a few is sitting down, it is such reasons to have a feeling that the waist is heavy. If it is left not treating in spite of such a condition, as well as a kidney function falling to a degree very much, and the joint of the whole body getting cold, moral concentration cannot be performed and even mental aging like decline of memory will already be bundled.

    Decoction of Tortoise Plastron and Rhumania Root with which the function of the kidney is compensated will be carried out for 15 days, ‘reaction which can do a feeling of ‘confidence will come out. Henceforth, premature ejaculation can be escaped with Lightyellow Sophora Root, Siberian Solomonsal Rhizome.

  3. Yung

    In the current situation that more and more men are having problem with their sexual inability, to make matters worse, the future world of humankind becomes murkier: male is turning similar to female in its helplessness of producing sperm. Although there haven’t been any clues found indicating that some types of noxious environment hormones have affected the men’s generative functions, no one can be an exception to this sizable influence of them in that the inertness of sperm mainly appears with that cause.

    Environment hormones are the hormones made by all the harmful environmental factors. Their chemical composition is so close to that of endocrine materials that it puts the wrong information into the genes thereby destroying the body’s homeostasis.

    Anyway, it is reported that among the married couples who are having normal sexual life, one out of ten has the problem with sterility. More telling is that, sterility is no more an ‘exclusive property’ of women: men account for the half of it. The dream of life after death might just become a daydreaming.

    The causes of sterility of men are not that many, however, the real problem is it’s not easy to remove it. What matters most is aspermatism: modern medical science can only have the key to hypospermatism.

    Hypospermatism is known to be caused by environment hormones. It is definitely said that a duty of medical science is to turn this tide over. Like the human sea tactics, it is crucial to make the most of small number of sperm and have them get over the enemy from outside, then finally join them with an egg cell.

    In the oriental medicine, there are many kinds of herbal medicines, which have been known to be pretty effective, that toughen kidney. The number of sperm depends on the one’s physical constitution; its active movement does on kidney and ‘ki(Ѩ)’. Therefore, to make kidney strong is the shortest way to reach the pregnancy.

  4. NG

    In the oriental medicine, the word of kidney contains broader meaning than people think: sex hormone, kidney itself, genitourinary system(adrenal gland, testicle). When the kidney is weak, stamina becomes powerless and the person may easily get the adult diseases like cerebral apoplexy, diabetes, etc.

    Kidney, in terms of oriental medicine, is the storing place of energy that is inherited from the parents. When it is strong, the body becomes healthy and sex ability is good; when weak, vice versa.

    Followings are the symptoms and diseases of weak kidney: easily getting tired, frequent swelling of body, unstable tooth, nephritis, diabetes, panting, thyroid disease, prostate disease. Other than these, there occur frequent and a little quantity of urine due to the lessoned relaxation power of bladder. The decline of brain activities may cause amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease. Fragile bones may cause osteoporosis or back pain.

    Kidney is especially and closely related to the sex abilities: for men, it is hard to control the leak of semen or premature ejaculation; for women, there may be found the menstruation disturbances or infertility. The main reasons that make the kidney weak are overwork, excessive and too frequent sexual affairs, other chronic diseases. When exposed to coldness and moist for some considerable time or when feeling horror or anxiety, the kidney gets damaged.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


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