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Overcome Social Anxiety (Plan) in 7 Steps


I’ve created a step-by-step system for combating social anxiety and making changes in your life to overcome it. Let’s get started!

7 Steps to Set you Free from Social Worry & Anxiety

  • Step 1: Understand that social worries can be beaten by making changes to your behaviour
  • Step 2: See why the nature of humanity makes overcoming SA very possible
  • Step 3: Learn why specifically YOU can succeed in improving social anxiety symptoms
  • Step 4: Build the foundation for success by learning to look at yourself and your life in a new, realistic and positive light
  • Step 5: Weaken the shame and/or guilt you might have about yourself or your life. Baggage like guilt would only stop you getting rid of social phobia
  • Step 6: Learn to feel worthy of becoming socially comfortable, by seeing 5 things that are already awesome about you
  • Step 7: Stress reduction techniques you can learn to arm yourself in social situations
This page shows you exactly WHY each step is a crucial aspect of managing your social anxiety and HOW to deal with it.

Step 1:

“Programming your Subconscious” Your Behaviour Is The Key

You need to know what must happen, to stop social situations from triggering anxiety. You need to know what has to be changed in a person, to allow them to cure this condition.

Beating social anxiety is about making changes to your behaviour.

Currently, your behaviour is giving your subconscious mind false messages. Such messages trigger the anxiety response, when such a response isn’t necessary.

The link will show you how your behaviour needs to change, to allow your subconscious to stop triggering anxiety in social gatherings.

Read: How To Overcome Social Anxiety “Programming Your Subconscious”

This will all make sense pretty soon. 

Step 2:

Understand WHY This Can Be Done

You now know the changes that must occur, from Step 1. But you also need to understand why these changes WILL work if you use them.

You must become able to see that this system for beating SA will work for YOU, because if you don’t, skepticism will get the better of you. 

There’s a lot of nonsense solutions for anxiety washing around on the net, and I know that if I don’t show you that I really do have the best treatment, you’ll be gone and you’ll be one less person I can help. 

When you’ve spent years suffering from something, and tried “everything”, it’s tempting to think it’ll never end. In this case, with this problem, it WILL end. I really do have the antidote.

You have a human mind just like the rest of us, and that means that you have the ability to overcome obsessions, fears, phobias and anxieties.

Read: 5 Reasons Why Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder Is Possible

Your mind has the same core components that my mind has, which means you can do it. 

Step 3:

Why Specifically YOU Can Do This

If you suffer from these anxieties, you probably have fairly low self-esteem. This sense of low self-worth might make you think “Well, perhaps other people can beat SA, but I’m just not capable of such a transformation”.

Limiting thoughts like the above are capable of ruining your recovery from SA. That’s why it’s important that I get the opportunity to show you that you, (yep, you ) can do this.

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You can do this!

Step 4:

Look At Yourself In A New, More Positive Light

Dealing with social worry is only possible if you’ve found a way to look upon yourself and your current life in positive ways. That might sound close to impossible, so I wrote the article linked in the headline just above.

I know that you’re probably fed up with the way things are going, and because I’ve been through that myself and come out stronger on the other side, I’m in a position to help you see things the way they REALLY are…

Read: 3 Social Anxiety Self Help Steps To Feel Better About Your Life (And Improve It!)

I know your life might seem terrible dealing with this, but there’s a way to look at it, no matter how bad it is, that will make it feel okay to you.

Step 5:

Let Go of Shame & Guilt

You might still be feeling like you’re to blame for becoming anxious when around people. Reading Step 5 is an important part of recovery because emotions like shame and guilt will only halt your progress.

As you may have seen me say, you’re not to blame. This article will show you 5 reasons to allow yourself to let go of any guilt or shame you have. If you can let yourself agree with the 5 points I make, you’ll be in much better shape to overcome this type of anxiety.

Read: How to Let Go of Guilt & Shame & Beat Social Anxiety

Step 6:

See 5 Things Already Awesome About You

Despite the natural human flaws that you (we) may have, it’s vital that you see how awesome you (we) are already. Why?

You’ve got to believe that you’re valuable enough to deserve this awesome change that you’re trying to make in your life.

Are you worthy of great friendships, or fun relationships? Do you deserve them? The answer is yes, but you might not fully think that, yet.

So, here’s my chance to show you all the great things about yourself, so that you believe “Yes, I’m worthy of feeling comfortable around others”. THAT feeling of worthiness is an important ingredient for reducing social anxiety.

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Step 7:

Deal with Social Anxiety with Stress Reduction Techniques

At this point you should have a very good idea about what causes your anxiety and many techniques to deal with the symptoms.

Yet we should also understand that anxiety of social settings, or anxiety stemming from other situations, are all forms of stress.

This is why the final step is to learn stress management techniques that can help you when you are in your next uncomfortable social situation.

Read: Stress Management Techniques List


While having anxieties like these can be a troublesome nuisance, most of the time we logically realise we are being irrational.

We get stuck in continual thoughts about “what other people might think” about us, or what people are saying behind our back.

Yet the reality is that we are usually massively inflating these ideas in our minds and they are not even close to real life!

Remember, most of the time people are not thinking about you, — they are probably worrying what YOU are thinking about them.

And the people who do care, don’t matter. And the people who matter, really don’t care.

Emily Murdoch
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