Thursday, January 21, 2021

How To Overcome Social Anxiety “Programming Your Subconscious”


The ONLY way to overcome a disorder like social anxiety, is to create changes in your subconscious mind by manipulating your behaviour. This page shows you how…

how to overcome social anxiety

It’s your behaviour over the years that has caused and worsened your social anxiety. 

If your old behaviour caused it, then it stands to reason that new behaviour can eliminate social phobia.

Why Is Behaviour So Important?

Behaviour decides the processes that happen in your subconscious mind. In the same way that the remote controls your TV, your behaviour controls what happens in your subconscious.

In the past, your behaviour has created a process in your subconscious that makes you feel awful in certain social situations. That process is called social anxiety disorder.

how to overcome social anxiety

If you make the decision to stop using your old, anxiety-provoking behaviour, and you begin to use new, calmness-provoking behaviour, you’ll literally remove the anxiety from your subconscious mind.

The anxious process will die, which means you’ll become socially comfortable.

Make no mistake, adopting new behaviour is the ONLY way to successfully teach overcome your social anxieties.

What Is This “New Behaviour” for Overcoming Anxiety ?

It’s a collection of physical techniques, actions and mindsets. When you use them all together, social anxiety disorder reduces in severity until you’re left with normal levels of anxiety – the barely noticeable level that most people feel.

I call the physical techniques, actions and mindsets the Social Comfort Code. If you put the Code into practice, you’ll beat the anxiety. Why am I so sure?

how to overcome social anxiety

Because unless you’re being bullied day after day, there’s actually nothing to feel threatened about – certainly nothing to warrant such a strong anxiety reaction.

The Social Comfort Code gives your subconscious mind chance to see the truth: That other people are not a threat to you.

Currently, your old behaviour is showing your subconscious mind that people ARE a threat – even though they’re not. The new behaviour contained in the Social Comfort Code, will allow your subconscious to realize that people are harmless. THAT realization by your subconscious will put a stop to S.A.D.

Now That You Know How Social Anxiety Disorder is Overcome, It’s Time To See Why This Solution Works

I’ve got a lovely philosophy here, but does it really work? Yes, it does, and my article 5 Reasons Why Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder Is Possible will show you that I have here, the breakthrough solution to this problem.

how to overcome social anxiety

I read the same books you did, and found the same issue; they help a bit, but they hardly help you change your life significantly…

The reason is because to change your life you need to change your habits and behaviour, that’s the first step in this plan.

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