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5 Reasons Why Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder Is Possible


It is very possible to overcome a social anxiety disorder yet as we are dealing with the subconscious mind, believing you can is half way to overcoming it.

Let’s work on building that belief in yourself right now by looking at 5 reasons why recovering from social anxiety disorder is realistic

1. Anxiety comes up to protect you

Anxiety is a survival mechanism designed to maximise your chances (of survival) when in danger.

overcoming social anxiety disorder

Once your subconscious mind realises that you don’t need to be protected in social situations, it will stop ‘protecting’ you with anxiety symptoms. Why? 

Because it’s easier to be calm than anxious! Your mind wants to feel relaxed as much as you do!

2. Your mind is highly adaptable

All human beings have clever subconscious minds. These minds can be reconditioned. If such mental readjustment is possible, then beating social anxiety disorder is also possible – because it is a psychological problem stemming from the subconscious.

overcoming social anxiety disorder

Proof of this ability to recondition our minds is all around us. Look at the way we’ve adapted to new technology; it takes mental readjustment to drive cars and use computers effortlessly.

You type on a keyboard, or drive, without having to think too hard, right? To gain these abilities, you mentally readjusted because your mind is highly adaptable.

Getting over social anxiety is all about subconscious readjustment.

3. Your mind’s processes are decided
by your behaviour

All of the ‘stored processes’ in your mind, were created by your own behaviour. For example, driving a car is a stored process that was created by your behaviour. The behaviour was the driving lessons.

Similarly, typing on a computer without looking is a stored process. The times you spent practising your typing were the behaviour that formed the stored process. Why is this significant?

Because social anxiety disorder is also a stored process that can be made better or worsened by behaviour. It was even created by your behaviour.

So, your behaviour teaches your subconscious mind everything it knows, and that reality is called operant conditioning.

overcoming social anxiety disorder

THIS IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS because it means that if behaviour helped you to learn the stored process that we call social anxiety disorder, then behaviour can also be the key to overcoming social anxiety disorder. In fact, behaviour IS the key.

Given the highly adaptable brain you’ve got, you can train your mind to UNLEARN social anxiety disorder, by using the correct behaviour. This stuff works, baby!

4. There is probably at least one person
you’re fairly comfortable around

If there’s one person (or more) who you can feel quite comfortable around, this shows that there’s potential for you to become comfortable around everyone.

Your subconscious mind is not triggering anxiety around this specific person. Given the adaptability of your brain, you must see that if you have become comfortable around one person, then you can become comfortable around most people. There’s no such thing as permanent social phobia.

You have to recondition your mind, so that it uses the same subconscious process that is used with the ‘comfortable people’. This can be achieved through new behaviour – as we established above.

5. Most people, in reality, are decent

That first trigger situation, the one that kick-started your social anxiety, was not typical of a social interaction. Most people are nicer than that, most of the time.

If, since that happened, you’ve avoided similar situations because they make you anxious, then you’ve probably got a distorted view of what people are really like. 

The avoidance would have lead to you assuming that more people are horrible, than in reality. Doing this is a natural protection mechanism. You treat everyone as a threat to minimize the risk of harm.

overcoming social anxiety disorder

Human beings are much nicer than you think. When your subconscious mind sees this during your recovery experiences, it’ll feel less threatened. 

Feeling less threatened slowly reduces the anxiety process down to an acceptable level.

My point here is that getting over common social anxiety disorder is very possible because people generally are nice enough, that your mind will be able to see that there’s no need for a protective, anxious, survival reaction to them.

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