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Oxygen Treatment


Oxygen treatment is used in the treatment and prevention of a number of medical conditions, as well as preventative health. For people who have difficulty taking in enough oxygen, then the provision of concentrated amounts of oxygen can be used to alleviate a lack of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen is used under the advice of a respiratory specialist in people suffering conditions that can benefit from concentrated oxygen. This form of therapy is also used in some alternative therapy treatments.

Medicinal and Alternative Uses of Oxygen Treatment

The use of oxygen for medicinal purposes can benefit people suffering from embolisms, respiratory ailments, damage to the lungs, people who have experienced rapid decompression (the bends), as well as those suffering heart attack or stroke.

When oxygen is provided in concentrated form, the higher concentration means that people with lung conditions are able to absorb the oxygen they need. In regular air, the concentration of oxygen is around 20%, however in concentrated form set there is a higher percentage which is calculated by a medical professional. This higher concentration provides the patient with more available oxygen, thereby making it easier for the body to absorb the oxygen it needs.

The use of oxygen in alternative therapy is done for many similar benefits as those gained when it is used in traditional medicine. Concentrated oxygen is administered as a preventative for a range of bacterial or viral conditions, to relieve low level pain, for its anti-inflammatory benefits and also for its usefulness as an anti-fungal.

How Oxygen Treatment is Administered

There are several ways in which the oxygen is administered when an individual receives oxygen treatment. One way that oxygen can be delivered is via an oxygen concentrator machine, which extracts and concentrates the oxygen that is found naturally in the air around us. Another way in which the oxygen can be administered is from an oxygen cylinder, which is a portable small cylinder or a larger gas cylinder that contains the oxygen for the treatment. A third option is the use of liquid oxygen. This is also contained in a cylinder type arrangement, ready for breathing via an oxygen mask.

The Health Benefits of This Procedure

The use of oxygen can bring an array of health benefits to the individual. In preventative and alternative therapy, it reduces the likelihood of bacterial, viral or fungal infection. It can also relieve aches and pains, reduce the symptoms of migraine and help eliminate toxins from the body. Under the supervision of a medical specialist, oxygen treatments can help to relieve more serious medical conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The use of oxygen therapy can serve to increase the overall health of the individual, providing relief from minor ailments, through to providing a means of managing more serious problems that can have a detrimental effect upon the individual’s health.

Oxygen treatment provides a natural means for the body to heal itself and fight off infection, without the need for strong drugs or medication. As a natural option for pain relief, inflammation and improved overall health, this is a highly beneficial treatment that can provide a less invasive means of handling a broad range of medical conditions.

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