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Ozena (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


The height of nose is deeply related with its health condition.

What if the nose of Cleopatra had been lower by a centimeter?; then the world would not what it is. But, she surely had suffered from chronic splenitis or ozena. Ozena can occur, partly due to the height and shape of nose, but mainly to the physical constitution; the nasal cavity is filled with pus-like nasal mucus. The cause of it is ‘heat’ made inside lung to which energies like wind, chillness and dampness smear.

The cases are:

  • (1) severe allergic splenitis or hypertrophic rhinitis develops to ozena,
  • (2) a complication of some chronic diseases, tonnsillitis and spleen-related disease
  • (3) weak immune system due to the lack of Vitamin A, C.

What matters most to the ozena patients is the stuffiness which blocks the supply of oxygen to brain, resulting in dizziness and headaches. When your children speak a nasal voice and shows any signs of distraction thereby making poor grade, it is necessary to doubt it.

Another symptom of ozena are declined sense of smell, yellow nasal mucus and bad smell. So, patient gets to breathe with mouth, diarrhea, and bad appetite swallowing the mucus.

Here are the treatments: “Bi-nong-ryung”, “Bi-nong-san”, “Bi-nong-goh”. It depends on the situations of patients, but it takes no longer than three months to treat.

Chronic Ozena & Foul breath

For the young and beautiful woman, foul breath may be one of the most serious concerns. Foul breath, in too many cases, is the main symptom of chronic and severe ozena. The bad smell is from the yellow snivel in the nose and the pus filled inside the path of air in the face. Other than these, phlegm in the bronchi can cause it. Usually, foul breath is detected and told by someone else who has rather close relationship with the person. However, when even severer, the person himself or herself gets to know it with the symptoms like headache, nausea, etc. Ozena also causes the decrease of appetite in that people who tend not to show others that they are suffering from it habitually swallow the snivel.

Viewed from the oriental medicine, it frequently occurs to one of the four types of human, ‘so-yang-in’. The general traits of these people are lower limbs and hands/feet are cold; much heat are rooting at the upper body like lung, stomach or heart. Especially, when the heat in the stomach is too much, ozena may be brought into the person. Ozena is the disease that inflammation is rampant on maxillary sinus. Followings are the symptoms of ozena: stuffy nose, stinking nose, or yellowy snivel, etc.

The oriental medicine can cure it with herbal medicines that lower the heat in the stomach. In home, the disinfection with washing the nasal cavity is very effective. Moreover, the drier the lips, the severer it gets; in this case, drinking cold water as frequent as possible helps.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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