Thursday, September 24, 2020

Paleo Diet vs Keto Diet vs Detox Diet


Get in touch with your deepest roots with the Paleo diet. This modern nutritional meal plan is based on the assumed diet of the Paleolithic humans. In other words, if the cavemen didn’t have it in their diet, you shouldn’t either. The Paleo diet is designed to be the absolute healthiest way you can eat because it works with your actual genetics. To learn more about this diet, read on.

Paleo Diet Overview:

This diet is most effective when practiced with other healthy lifestyles like getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and exercise. The diet is considered the only nutritional approach that really works because it worked before back when there was no junk food, starch, or sugars in the human diet.

According to Robb Wolf on his Paleo Diet website, recent research in biochemistry, biology, dermatology, and ophthalmology and other disciplines has shown that today’s modern diet contributes heavily to some of the most prevalent diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even depression. The aim of the Paleo diet is to go back to the basics and fill our diets with the essentials, animal protein and plants, for healthier bodies overall.

What Can You Eat?

Since the Paleo diet is based on a human diet before the agricultural revolution, you will no longer eat refined sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes. Instead, you will eat a hearty and healthy diet of meat, fish, poultry, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Anything that wasn’t present for the cavemen is automatically excluded from this diet, so you may have a lot of cleaning to do when it comes to your refrigerator and cabinets. Focus on freshness when you go shopping, and you should be fine.

Does the Paleo Diet Promote Weight Loss?

The Paleo diet is not designed for you to lose weight. It is designed to promote your healthiest body with a diet of natural foods. However, when paired with proper exercise, you could slim down considerably. The Paleo diet has been known to create a lean body in most people who follow the regimen.

What Are the Health Benefits?

A Paleo lifestyle can bring users a lot of benefits. Not only will you feel better, you’ll get more efficient workouts, stabilized blood sugar levels, clear skin, better teeth, balanced energy all day long, reduced allergies, and even improved sleep patterns. You’ll also be able to burn off stored fat over time and feel the benefits of an anti-inflammatory just through your diet.


While this diet is helpful to some, you should be aware of possible health risks. By giving up grains and dairy, you are taking a lot of nutrients away from your body. You could fix this problem with supplements; however this could go against the point of the Paleo diet. Ask your doctor before embarking on this intense diet.

Try out the Paleo diet if you want to get back to basics and make a fresh start for your body. Remember, if the cavemen didn’t eat it, neither do you. Watch as you feel better, fresher, and stronger when you take the Paleo challenge.

The Detox & Keto Diet coming soon.


  1. Jera

    Turkey’s efforts were aparpcieted.Let me make this analogy. In the past when we reached out to make good relations with Syria, we received similar criticisms from the west… but we continued our outreach to Syria and we always told the Syrians to adhere to the desires of the international community and look now the US is returning an ambassador to Syria.

  2. Levonna

    A few of my relatives have been on a Paleo diet for a few months now and even though I had always dismissed the idea of it, after reading this article, I may look into it and consider doing it too! IT must be popular for a reason, right?!

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