Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Park & Salt Lake City (Utah) for Vegans!


We recently spent two months in Utah, Park City, UT to be exact. We met some amazing vegans in Salt Lake and really fell in love with Utah. We had no idea what to expect and were delightfully surprised by the vegan community and the really great vegan options.

Let’s start with Park City:

Cafe Trang: 1811 Sidewinder Dr, Park City, Utah
This is a Chinese/Vietnamese place with a separate vegetarian menu. Most of the dishes are already vegan or can be made vegan. We enjoyed our dishes, and were really happy with the number of choices.

Squatters Roadhouse Grill: Doesn’t sound very vegan, right? Well they have a few vegan dishes including some breakfast tofu scrambles! Not so bad.

Whole Foods Market: There is a small Whole Foods in Park City and if you are lucky you can get the vegan breakfast burritos in the morning. If you are visiting you can call their deli department and ask for some to be made – we did this on our last day in Park City for our drive and they made an awesome quinoa based burrito! It’s a great place.

Salt Lake City

Sages Cafe: We visited Sages with Krystina! I loved this place – the food was fresh and they had a lot of healthy options. I had a vegetable crepe that was amazing and my husband enjoyed a tofu scramble. It is an all vegan place – so be sure to support it when you are in SLC!

Vertical Diner: Another ALL vegan spot in SLC. It’s pretty awesome for that vegan-diner experience. It’s not really healthy vegan food, but if you are wanting that vegan french toast with vegan ice-cream piled on top, this is probably the place you’ll want to go.

Omar’s: Absolutely gorgeous all vegan raw cuisine. You must go. And pretty much every vegan in SLC loves the owner.

Cakewalk: If you don’t go here, I don’t think we can be friends. The owner of Cakewalk is amazing and has created some of the best vegan desserts on the planet. The inside of this place is cool and fun and they have a small vegan grocery store as well! Every thing looked amazing and everyone in the group we were with had smiles on their faces

There are A LOT more vegan options in SLC, so if you are wanting to visit the Park City/Salt Lake city area, you will be well fed.

As for vacations go – I highly suggest taking a trip to Park City in the summer. It’s cooler in the summer and a beautiful small town. There are tons of things to do if you love being active. We were hiking every weekend! We really enjoyed Olympic Park, mostly so we could watch ski jumpers – jumping into a giant pool:

And as for Vegan life – there wasn’t a huge Vegan scene in Park City (that we found anyway), however there is an awesome vegan scene in Salt Lake City.


  1. Going Vegan!

    You had me with these two words: Quinoa. Burrito. YUM! Thanks for sharing your travel finds!

  2. Christianna

    I love finding out about vegan restaurants throughout the U.S. Omar’s look especially wonderful!

    Thanks for this helpful list!

  3. Kristina

    Nat, SLC loved having you here, and you didn’t even meet half the vegan community!! I only wish we could have also visited Evergreen and City Cakes & Cafe together. There are a lot of places to get delicious vegan food in Salt Lake, and our time was too short. Oh well, we’ll always have Austin, right? =)

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