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Pedicures are a popular beauty treatment, which may be carried out at a spa, beauty salon, or in the comfort of your home. Whether you choose to have a pedicure done by a professional or you wish to do one for yourself, you can improve the appearance of your feet and be ready for a day at the beach or a night on the town in strappy heels after a pedicure.


What Do Pedicures Involve?

There are a number of different options can be added on when you get a pedicure, but the basics of a pedicure are usually the same. A pedicure will start by soaking the feet in warm water, often with essential oils such as peppermint oil added to help soften the skin and prepare nails and cuticles for the pedicure treatments. After you have soaked the skin, the pedicure is likely to include the neatening and beautifying of the cuticles and toe nails. Orange sticks will be used to push back the cuticles and the nails will be trimmed and filed. Once the nails are neatened and the cuticles removed, the nails are ready to have the polish of your choice applied.

Pedicures At a Salon Or At Home?

If you are trying to decide whether to have a pedicure in a salon or at home, there are pros and cons to having a professional do your pedicures or doing them for yourself. For many people, the first consideration is expense. There are many pedicure kits available that offer the basic tools, moisturisers and equipment needed for a home pedicure. These can work out cheaper in the long run, however they don’t offer the same indulgence as having a salon pedicure. If you opt to have a professional pedicure, you may find that you can include a massage or a specialised treatment with the pedicure. A salon treatment offers a relaxation experience along with the practical benefits of pedicures.

Different Types of Pedicure Treatments

Specialty pedicure treatments are often available at beauty salons and day spas. Depending upon the style or focus of the spa that you are attending, you could select from a range of different treatments. Popular types of pedicures include herbal pedicures, aromatherapy pedicures, milk and honey pedicures and pedicures with essential oils. The salon you are attending may have its own specialty pedicure and you may also find that they offer a pedicure along with a foot massage, such as a Thai foot massage or reflexology, which helps cleanse toxins and relieve stress.

Having a pedicure not only improves the appearance of the feet. It is a good way to get rid of dry skin, neaten up the toe nails and leave your feet looking great. Speciality pedicures in a salon can be a chance to unwind and relax while a beautician pampers your feet. Adding a massage to your treatment when you get a pedicure is an extra way to increase the relaxation benefit of the pedicure. Different beauticians may have different products and be able to offer you a range of choices in specialised pedicure treatments, or you might decide to make your home pedicure that bit more special with the use of some relaxing essential oils.

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