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3 Personality-Based Causes of Social Anxiety: Are YOU Prone to SA?


The 3 indirect causes of social anxiety on this page will help you discover if parts of your personality make you more likely than most, to develop S.A.D. A popular question is “social anxiety why me?” I’ll answer that here.

1. Do you have a sensitive
nervous system?

Are your emotions or feelings strongly affected by people’s actions? Mine often are and I’m sure it’s part of the reason I have a history of social anxiety.

Everyone gets criticised or rejected by others at times, but when you have a sensitive nervous system, the feelings created by criticism and rejection are overwhelming. 

They can be so overwhelming that you start to fear people triggering them. 

Once that fear is in place, your behavioural patterns adapt so that you can avoid the overwhelming feelings. Such behavioural patterns are what cause full-blown social anxiety disorder.

Having a sensitive nervous system makes you more likely than most people to develop SAD, because your feelings are more likely to become overwhelmingly uncomfortable in the first place. So, there isn’t a social phobia gene, but your natural characteristics can make you prone to it.

2. Are you an introvert?

There are 2 ways in which being an introvert can make you increasingly likely to struggle with SAD.

Being an introvert can make you
a target for bullies

Don’t think introversion is a bad thing because of this – it’s society that has got it wrong…

Most people in society believe that the winners in life are the ones who are very outgoing. This means that at school or at work, people tend to wrongfully see weakness in those that aren’t so talkative or popular.

If bullies think they’ve found weakness in you, you’ll become a target. If you’re a target for bullying, then it’s more likely that something extremely uncomfortable will happen to you.

If it’s more likely that something really uncomfortable will happen to you, then it’s also more likely that you’ll start to behave in ways that help you avoid that discomfort, which is the behaviour that kick-starts SAD.

Your desire for alone time
could backfire

If you’re more introverted than extroverted, you’ll have a strong desire to spend time alone. Unfortunately, spending lots of time alone helps social anxiety disorder to worsen in severity.

Being alone is one of the behaviours that tempts your subconscious mind into believing that people are a threat worthy of an anxiety reaction. Your subconscious thinks something like “There must be a reason that I’m alone so much, perhaps it’s because other people are threatening?”

This is one of the causes for social anxiety to get worse. It’s ironic because sometimes you spend time alone because you like it, yet the mind can interpret your desire to be alone differently.

3. Are you naturally shy?

Shyness can make you prone to social anxiety in a similar 2 ways that introversion can:

1. You’re more likely to be picked on by the “we think sociable people rule” crowd of brainwashed idiots

2. You’re going to find it hard to put into practice the non-anxious behaviours that cure social anxiety because shyness will work against you.

If you’re “socially hesitant” (as I like to call shyness), then it’s going to be more difficult to get yourself to do what needs to be done to beat social anxiety. 

If you’re shy, it’s one extra “comfort-zone hurdle” to jump over, or like in the picture, jump off of. 

Found Your Cause of Social Anxiety?
Whether You Have or Haven’t –
You CAN Beat This Problem!

Perhaps I’m repeating myself, but whether you have or haven’t found your personal causes for the disorder, you can still beat it with the right help and support.

There are so many indirect causes that I couldn’t possibly cover everything that applies specifically to you. That need not matter however, because modern techniques for overcoming your social anxiety work regardless of what you know about the cause of it.

Emily Murdoch
Hi I write about health and fitness for women! You may contact me at [email protected]

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