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Pharmacology Courses Online


We’ve all been to the pharmacy at one time or another – whether we were having a prescription filled or picking up an over-the-counter cold medicine. Pharmacology is what the pharmacists study to become pharmacists. Did you know that you can take many pharmacology courses on the internet nowadays?

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This enables you to work towards your pharmacy degree without quitting your current job, since the courses can usually be taken at your convenience. This also makes it possible to meet the pharmacology requirements for other fields of study, or other occupations, such as nursing. Pharmacists do more than work in drug stores and fill prescriptions. They may also work in hospitals, home health care agencies, government agencies, nursing homes, in pharmaceutical companies, or they may choose to teach pharmacology to others in an educational institution.

Today there is a shortage of pharmacists, and pharmacist’s assistants. This shortage is of great concern because pharmacists are a vital part of the overall healthcare system. This contributes to the field of pharmacology being a financially rewarding career. Although there is a shortage, this is the third largest occupation in the health care industry in the United States.

Pharmacists earn approximately $89,000 per year or more. This depends on whether they open their own private pharmacy, work for a hospital, work for a chain pharmacy, or go into pharmaceutical research. Pharmacy technicians or assistants earn about $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

Different types of pharmacists include extended care pharmacists, community pharmacists, industrial pharmacists, academic pharmacists, and more. Typically, a pharmacist has a master’s degree, but may advance his or her education to receive a Doctorate of Pharmacy. While becoming a pharmacists does require a great deal of education, much of which must be obtained in a classroom or laboratory setting, many of the courses required can be taken in an online environment.

Pharmacology Course Resources

Course Title: NH720 – Pharmacology
Name of Company: Canyon College
Location: 6892 Spickard Drive, Huntington Beach, California, United States
Description: This is an online course offered by Canyon College. The professors who teach the course are available by telephone and in person during their office hours.

Course Title: Pharmacology for Nurses
Name of Company: California Academy of Healthcare
Location: 1060 Worlds Fair Park Drive, #23, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Description: This pharmacology course is offered online, and it is designed for those individuals who are already practicing nurses. The course does meet the Vocational Nursing Rules and Regulations for the State of California requirements.

Course Title: Various Pharmacology Programs
Name of Company: Michigan State University
Location: B440 Life Sciences Building, East Lansing, Michigan, United States
Description: Michigan State University offers pharmacology programs that will lead to a master’s degree, a PhD, or a Bachelor’s degree. They also offer non-degree pharmacology courses that can be used to meet other healthcare training requirements.

Course Title: Basic Pharmacology
Name of Company: North Iowa Area Community College
Location: 500 College Drive, Mason City, Iowa, United States
Description: This is a basic course in the study of drugs, how drugs act and react, allergies, and more, including legal and ethical use of pharmacology.

Course Title: Pharmacogenomics
Name of Company: American College of Clinical Pharmacology
Location: 3 Ellinwood Court, New Hartford, New York, United States
Description: This is a free online course that covers 13 important fields in the pharmacology industry. The idea behind the theory is that drugs should be created for each individual person.

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