Saturday, October 24, 2020

Phoebe Jones | Soul Cleanse Series – Part 3


Phoebe Jones is really cool and nice. I’d heard these rumours floating around before I was able to validate them firsthand. And yes my friends, the rumours turned out to be true – she’s a total awesome possum.

Phoebe is at once accepting, gentle and strong. She’s the kind of person who listens to you with open eyes and a soft smile. She teaches from a place of play, dedication and exploration and I reckon these qualities come from the way she lives her life as a whole.

I bet you can tell that I like Phoebe and yes, I so want to get to know her better. So with that in mind – I asked her if she’d jump onboard the Soul Cleanse train. Needless to say, she was totally down. And with that, this little chat below was born. Read up and get your registration on. Soul Cleanse is just around the bend and this shining woman, Phoebe Jones, is going to give you her best, most soulful and love drenched goodness. Hallelujah!
Phoebe Jones, The Yoga Emporium
What does it mean to Soul Cleanse?

To Soul Cleanse is to lighten our load, strip away our stories or anything that doesn’t serve us any longer. To dig a little deeper right to our centre, reconnect and remind ourselves how awesome each and every single one of us really is. When we get right to that delicious core of ourselves, there is then so much more freedom to be creative, laugh from the belly, make love, play and live our lives from that place of truth, integrity and love!!

What is it about yoga that makes it such a powerful and life changing tool?

When we practice yoga, we get the opportunity to quiet down, stop and take stock of our bodies, our heads, our emotional state and our lives – to listen and to pay attention. You can have huge ‘Aha!’ moments or quiet subtle realisations, that over time, come together to create this life where we can flow through our hardships and our celebrations taking it all in our stride.

I’m continuously inspired by this idea that we can take the way we work on the mat and allow it carry over into our lives. Then we can stand strong and grounded like we do warrior II, be sensitive and openhearted like in our backbends or as brave as we are in pigeon. Bring it all together, then we will be cruisin’!

Phoebe Jones, The Yoga Emporium
Phoebe Jones, The Yoga Emporium

What are some of the most nurturing things that you’re currently doing to keep yourself in alignment?

Making the time to escape the city and daily ritual. Getting back to nature and being surrounded by trees is rocking my world right now. Being from the country, it is serious soulfood to unplug from the ‘doing’ we get wrapped up in, to breathe some fresh air and simplify life.

What are you most looking forward to with the Soul Cleanse Urban Retreat?

Being a part of the supportive energy that is created in an event like this is very exciting as the ripple effect lasts for much longer than the event itself. No matter where we end up, we all take that new space and awareness with us in all our actions and interactions, spreading the love a whole lot further!
Phoebe Jones, The Yoga Emporium
Phoebe Jones, The Yoga Emporium

What are your big dreams for the next year?

To keep further expanding my yoga teaching with workshops, immersions and training, continuing to explore the world with my man, learning the finer skills of mixing awesome music and taking yoga to the far stretches of the West Coast – are just some of my plans this year. Oh and to pay off all my parking fines…

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