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Pilates Exercise


Pilates is a form of exercise that is designed to improve core muscle strength and improve the overall posture, suppleness and physical appearance. When the balance of your body is disrupted by injury or illness, the practice of Pilates can be a means to restore the balance and remove pain and discomfort by correcting underlying causes of discomfort. With the use of tailored exercises that are designed to work via muscular resistance and elongation, the practice of Pilates has gained a wide following as both a means of injury rehabilitation and also for slimming and improvement of overall physique.

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About Pilates

At the heart of the practice of Pilates lies a focus on strengthening and rejuvenating the body based upon an anatomical understanding of the musculoskeletal system. By tailoring individual Pilates programs for individuals, the exercise regime that each person undertakes is designed to restore body balance by increasing strength and supporting the body’s core. Through this focus on the anatomical structure of the body and increasing the strength of muscles to fully support the body and correct imbalance, Pilates can improve posture, help relieve back pain, improve core stability, relieve pain in joints and improve muscle tone in general.

How Pilates Exercises Are Done

When you are undertaking a Pilates program, there are two types of exercises that are used. Mat work is one option, which involves using muscular resistance and working through a series of exercises tailored to the individual’s particular Pilates needs. The second option involves doing exercise on specially designed equipment that has been developed for targeting the core muscles of the bodies and for helping rebuild and develop strength in injury rehabilitation.

The Benefit of Pilates Exercises

A popular form of exercise for weight management, Pilates was developed primarily as a form of exercise that assisted in rehabilitation and the prevention of injury. The Pilates exercises are also helpful in a number of other aspects of increased muscular strength and well being.

Pilates is a good exercise option for the following reasons:

  • It is a safe exercise option in both pregnant women and those who have recently given birth
  • It effectively helps improve coordination and balance in people of all ages
  • It can assist people with Osteoporosis and can help to increase bone density
  • It is a safe form of exercise for people who are suffering from Arthritis, MS and Scoliosis
  • It can be used to reduce muscular and skeletal pain

Finding a Pilates Class and Instructor to Suit You

Pilates classes are available for those seeking a way of improving overall physical fitness, muscle tone and physique. The use of Pilates should be done under medical supervision if you have any pre-existing health conditions or injuries. If you do have a pre-existing injury or health issue, the Pilates instructor should be advised and they will be able to tailor a Pilates program that will help you to restore muscular balance and rehabilitate you if you have been injured.

Pilates is a popular and effective exercise option for people who are recovering from injuries, as well as athletes, dancers and people who wish to improve their physical fitness as part of a health and weight loss regimen. The success of this form of exercise has been proven over time and it is held in high regard by medical and physical fitness specialists.

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